Is Baltimore the New Hub for Innovative Animation and Media Startups?

Trevor Pryce


Key Takeaways:

  • The Outlook Company is leading the charge in building up Baltimore as a new hub for innovative animation and media startups.
  • The startup offers full-service production, animation, and content creation specializing in kids and pop culture.
  • Founded by former NFL All-Pro Trevor Pryce, the company has been expanding rapidly and shows no signs of slowing down.
  • The Outlook Company is contributing to the local Baltimore economy by hiring animators and actors in the area.

In recent years, Baltimore has been drawing increasing attention as a burgeoning hub for innovative startups in the animation and media industry. Among the companies leading this charge is The Outlook Company, based in Baltimore, Maryland. Specializing in producing and animating content for kids and pop culture, this startup has rapidly gained recognition on the national stage.

The Outlook Company is not just an ordinary animation and media company. The founder, Trevor Pryce, a former 14-year NFL All-Pro defensive lineman, retired from sports to pursue his passion in film, music and writing. His vision and leadership skills have helped The Outlook Company become a pioneer in the entertainment industry.

The company’s unique approach and commitment to hiring local talent sets it apart in the industry. By actively recruiting local animators and actors, The Outlook Company is not just honing homegrown talent but also contributing to the local economy. With Pryce at the helm, the company is leading the “democratization of content beyond LA,” a reference to its mission of moving the center of attention in the animation and media industry away from traditional hubs like Los Angeles.

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The company’s projects have been received with much acclaim. Most notably, Pryce has created and executive produced two animation series that have made their way to Netflix, showcasing the startup’s capability to compete on an international platform.

Looking into the future, The Outlook Company shows no signs of slowing down. With Pryce’s leadership and Baltimore as a nurturing ground, the startup has a steady trajectory towards increased growth. In doing so, it is helping establish Baltimore as the new hub for animation and media startups.

The high-quality content produced by The Outlook Company, combined with its commitment to local economic growth, suggests a bright future for both the company and the Baltimore animation scene.

Visit The Outlook Company’s website and their social pages on Twitter , LinkedIn.


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