Is Cutting-Edge Telepresence Hardware the Future of Efficient Hybrid Workplace Meetings?

Key Takeaways:

  • Visible’s innovative telepresence hardware, KOH, is poised to hack the hybrid workspace and streamline meetings.
  • KOH centrally displays participants across four screens instead of constricting them to a wall, enhancing visibility and engagement.
  • With a capacity to be used by 3-8 people on different types of tables, KOH could well be the future of office meetings.
  • The company’s focus on hardware acceleration and AI application ensures an optimized viewing experience.

As the world steadily gravitates towards a hybrid work model, the need for more efficient and human-centered virtual meetings is becoming apparent. Office catch-ups are no longer limited to boardroom table conversations or PowerPoint presentations. This is where the Swiss-based startup, Visible, steps in with its groundbreaking telepresence hardware KOH, aimed at reinventing telepresence and ensuring that every participant in a hybrid work setup feels seen, connected, and actively engaged in meetings. The company seeks to counter the limitation stemming from the fact that hybrid workers often lose eye contact, leading to reduced engagement and productivity during virtual meetings.

Their solution, KOH, ingeniously brings all the participants to the center of the table with the aid of flexible screens, significantly reducing instances of strained necks and compromised meetings. The system easily integrates with a Windows computer equipped with Rooms solution, making it user-friendly and easily adaptable for a range of offices. This innovative approach is seen as a way forward in optimizing virtual meetings.

What sets Visible apart is their innovative application of hardware and AI technology. KOH’s hardware acceleration and AI application adeptly manage multiple camera streams to provide an optimized view of each participant. Furthermore, their technology allows the system to adapt to a range of table configurations, making it possible for groups of 3-8 people to carry out productive meetings conveniently. The user experience, as per the company claims, matches that of a conference room with two screens and enhances the meetings’ more human, interactive, and connected aspect.

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This differential allows the startup to address a rising market need in a way that not only offers convenience but also allows the human element to be seen. As a result, Visible’s telepresence hardware could indeed provide an essential solution for bridging the gap that often arises in hybrid workspaces, reinforcing collaboration among teams, regardless of location.

Visible’s innovative solution offers great promise for the future of hybrid workplace meetings. As remote and blended working models become normative in the post-pandemic world, startups like Visible that invest in technology that fosters efficient and human-centric communication undoubtedly have a significant role to play. With the goal of making remote meetings feel less remote and more interactive, Visible has arrayed a path that emphasizes enhancing human connection in the digital realm.

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