Is Diversification the Secret Behind a Successful Real Estate Startup?

Key Takeaways

  • M CITY GROUP BD is a rising star in the world of diversified, real estate businesses.
  • Their strategic focus and commitment to diversification, social and economic development are setting them apart.
  • They are not just a real estate startup, they have also diversified into Agro Farm, Construction, Bricks Manufacture, Investment & Development, Education, and Media sectors.


While diversification is a common strategy across various industries, it’s not as commonly seen in the realm of startups, particularly real estate. Most real estate startups focus on one primary business line, like residential or commercial properties. However, one startup, M CITY GROUP BD, based in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh, is challenging this conventional approach. Founded by Mamun Hasan in 2019, it began its operations under the company’s first concern – MHC Constitution (Pvt) Ltd.

Under Hasan’s innovative leadership, the startup is making strides to diversify its business within and beyond the real estate frontier. They believe in chasing opportunities and leveraging diversification for long-term sustainability. They have expanded their offerings beyond real estate to include Agro Farm, Construction, Bricks Manufacture, Investment & Development, Education, and Media.

Differential Analysis

What sets M CITY GROUP BD apart from other real estate startups is that they are not just focused on the real estate sector. Their strategy of diversification and social and economic development differentiates them from the rest. Their dedication to providing a range of services and contribution to the national economy highlights their vision and strategic approach.

They firmly believe in seizing the first opportunity they see and have thus ventured into various sectors. Along with the skilled employees, M CITY GROUP also attributes its sustained position to this diversification process.

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As a rapidly expanding company, M CITY GROUP BD is well-positioned for future growth. Their diverse range suggests a resilient business model, capable of adapting to different market conditions and changes in economic landscapes. As their strategy continues to unfold, it will be exciting to follow their progress and impact on not just the real estate sector, but various sectors they have ventured into.

The future of the real estate industry may indeed be diversified, with companies like M CITY GROUP BD leading the way. Keep an eye on this dynamic and innovative startup by visiting their website.

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