Is Free Anthropology Education The Next Big Breakthrough in EdTech Industry?

Key Takeaways:

  • Anthroholic is an India-based start-up providing free anthropology education.
  • The EdTech start-up wants to fill the gap in the online availability of anthropology education resources.
  • The initiative might be the next big breakthrough in the EdTech industry focusing on niche educational content.
  • Anthroholic intends to spread the knowledge to everyone, aiming at better human understanding.

In a world where knowledge has become accessible at our fingertips, a new Indian EdTech start-up, Anthroholic, promises to broaden this even further by making anthropology education available for free. Launched in 2021, Anthroholic stems from a desire to cater to the needs of both the academic community and general interest audiences who have a passion for understanding human nature. Positioned in Etah, Uttar Pradesh, India, it recognises the potential of modern technology in democratising education.

Anthroholic’s mission is a simple yet powerful one – to spread the knowledge of anthropology to everyone around the globe. Founded by Prabhanshu Shrivastav and Shubham Garg, the initiative started as a YouTube & Telegram channel that catered to the needs of UPSC aspirants. The backbone of Anthroholic is its belief in the vital role of anthropology in understanding ourselves better.

A distinguishing factor of Anthroholic is their innovative delivery of anthropology education. Recognising a major gap online, they have tapped into the miles of potential the EdTech industry can offer. Their use of free, accessible platforms like YouTube and Telegram for dissemination brings education to a plethora of users who might not have had the means or opportunity to learn about anthropology otherwise.

Moreover, what sets Anthroholic apart is the determination to address a niche subject area. By focusing on a less mainstream academic discipline, they cater to a group often overlooked by the traditional educational system. They have successfully met an undeniable need, thereby setting themselves apart in the competitive EdTech industry.

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Looking ahead, Anthroholic has the potential to reshape the future of the industry by introducing an often overlooked field to the mainstream. This can make way for more such EdTech startups that focus on neglected areas of education, thus broadening the horizons of the entire industry. Making information about subjects like anthropology freely available to all can help break down barriers and create a more inclusive learning environment.

Join Anthroholic in their mission to make anthropology education free and accessible to everyone. You can reach them on their website Connect with them on Twitter at, on Facebook at and on LinkedIn at

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