Is Freemium InsurTech The Future Of Digital Wills And Legacy Planning?

Key Takeaways:

  • NextLifeBook’s unique freemium insurtech platform facilitates digital will-making and legacy planning.
  • Unlike traditional legacy planning methods, NextLifeBook capitalises on a digital-first approach.
  • NextLifeBook is actively seeking strategic growth partners to expand its global reach.
  • The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic presents a unique opportunity for digital platforms such as NextLifeBook.

As the digital age progresses, it brings promising innovation to industries across the board. Insurtech is no exception. A prime example is NextLifeBook, a Singapore-based startup that has seamlessly blended InsurTech with estate planning. They offer a unique digital platform where users can sketch their wills and plan their legacies. NextLifeBook, a JV company with a large Wills and Trusts firm, adds a digital edge to such critical matters, ensuring that wishes are noted and will be executed as intended.

The concept of will-making and legacy planning, traditionally seen as quite formal and rigorous, has been given an accessible digital facelift by NextLifeBook. They aim to make these crucial services more approachable, decreasing the barrier of entry. This paradigm shift in accessibility could considerably transform the landscape of InsurTech, encouraging more people to plan their legacies and life after death.

NextLifeBook carves out its niche with its freemium model within InsurTech. While its competitors primarily deal with paid, resource-intensive offerings, NextLifeBook’s patent-pending platform employs a significant differentiation strategy. The freemium approach allows users to access basic services at no cost. It also offers more comprehensive tools to those willing to subscribe to its premium services. Few services have been able to integrate this fluidly, as demonstrated through NextLifeBook’s explained here video.

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Moreover, NextLifeBook’s platform is not limited to wills and legacy plans. It also offers users the ability to digitize their memories, ensuring that they’re preserved and easily accessible even after they’re gone. This blend of personal and legal legacy planning truly elevates NextLifeBook from the competition. Take a closer look at these services with these videos about Digital Memories and Basic Will options.

The future of NextLifeBook is likely to be shaped by growing recognition of digital methods of will-making and, excitingly, further integration of technology into legacy planning. Given the ease of access their platform offers, they are currently seeking growth partners and regional collaborations to enhance their global availability. With the unfortunate COVID-19 situation affecting lives worldwide, they believe it could also open up unique opportunities for their business and social causes.

Stay updated with NextLifeBook and its future plans via their website, and connect with them through their social media on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. As we move into an increasingly digitized world, platforms like NextLifeBook are poised to revolutionize age-old industries with their innovative thought and technology.

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