Is Geo-Spatial Data the Game Changer in IT Consulting and Software Industry?

Key Takeaways:

Every so often, a new player enters the market that has the potential to redefine the competitive landscape. One such company is Singapore-based ST Engineering Geo-Insights (GI). Specializing in the delivery of insight services and geo-spatial warehouse services, this powerful startup is starting to turn heads in the Information Technology and Software Industry.

The premise of GI is to provide real-time insights and information products using satellite imagery. Its mission is driven by the rising worldwide demand for instantaneous data, and the company’s solutions deliver just that. The enormous potential for economic outlook that the low-cost small satellite network design offers is a game changer for the industry.

But it’s GI’s point of differentiation that truly allows it to stand out. It harnesses newly-developed space technologies, and utilizes a myriad of virtual array sensors that provide high resolution imagery. This imagery is not only fit for numerous applications, but is verified for quality on each individual project, ensuring that the received images are uniform, correct, and perfect for statistics.

A crucial aspect of GI’s approach is the flexibility it gives its clients. While the power of its technology is undisputed, it is the client’s needs that guide its service. Clients are free to specify their required quality, and even if they’re unsure about the ideal resolution, GI’s team is ready to guide them through this process based on the intended usage of the images.

Geo-spatial data continues to solidify its importance in the ever-growing digital market, and with the distinct offerings and innovative solutions of ST Engineering Geo-Insights, the company is well poised to drive this trend forward. The future holds tremendous promise for GI, especially as the capabilities of geo-spatial data and satellite technology continue to increase. It will be fascinating to see how the company leverages these advancements to further impact the IT consulting and Software industry.

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For more information about ST Engineering Geo-Insights and its innovative services, make sure to follow them on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages or visit their website.


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