Is India’s Online Portal Revolutionizing the Global Matcha Green Tea Industry?

Key takeaways:

  • India’s online portal Matcha Tea Company brings superior grade Matcha green tea to global tea connoisseurs.
  • The startup is differentiating itself by focusing on quality sourced directly from Japanese cultivations, offering a variety of flavours.
  • The future of the tea industry and online portals is revolutionizing with the incorporation of quality and health benefits in everyday beverages.


In the ancient city of Rewari, in the Haryana state of India, Matcha Tea Company is making waves in the global tea industry. Aiming to redefine global tea consumption, this startup offers a range of superior grade Matcha green tea sourced directly from Japanese cultivations. This high quality beverage with a unique flavour profile is being brought directly to tea consumers worldwide via an easily accessible online portal, thereby revolutionizing the global Matcha green tea industry.

Matcha Tea Company offers a wide range of flavour options like Berry Matcha Green Tea, Mint Matcha Green Tea, Chocolate Matcha Green Tea, Matcha ginger tea, Turmeric Matcha tea, Vanilla Matcha tea, Tulsi Matcha tea etc. The popularity of these unique flavoured tea selections has brought the company to the forefront of the tea industry.

Differential Factors

The primary differentiating factor of Matcha Tea Company lies in its superior quality offerings. The company sources its Matcha green tea directly from high quality Japanese plantations, ensuring that the consumers receive the absolute best in terms of flavour and health benefits. Blended into various flavours, these offerings cater to different palates, providing a distinctive tea-drinking experience.

Another differentiating point is its business model – a seamlessly functioning online portal that allows customers from any part of the world to avail of their product offerings at a click. This digital reach of Matcha Tea Company has made it an influencer in the online portal industry, thereby supporting the retail industry’s paradigm shift from traditional to digital marketplaces.

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As the world continues to become more digital-centric, the success of Matcha Tea Company presents an optimistic future for the tea industry and the online portals it functions through. By focusing on quality and customer experience, Matcha Tea Company is revolutionizing global tea consumption patterns – a testament to its dedication and passion for quality and innovation and its respect for the age-old beverage.

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