Is Next-Generation Audio the Future of Virtual Reality and Immersive Media?

Key Takeaways

  • Spotics is a Trondheim-based startup with a track record of developing innovative, industry-transforming products.
  • The startup is focusing on the development of Next Generation Audio (NGA), which promises to revolutionize the consumer experience in a variety of applications, like virtual reality and immersive media content.  
  • With its roots in SINTEF Digital’s FORNY program, Spotics is not new to breaking barriers and pushing the envelope with sound technologies.
  • The audio and immersive media industries look forward to the advancement and disruption that Spotics brings.


Among the many ways technology has shaped our perception and interaction with the world, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality stand out as critical avenues for the convergence of the digital and physical realms. Integral to this convergence is audio technology, the sphere that makes the virtual world an almost tangible reality, and this is precisely where Spotics, a Trondheim-based startup, intends to make a lasting impact.

Spotics is a promising startup spun-off from SINTEF Digital, an organization reputed for developing innovative technologies and products across various industries. Spotics’ focus, however, is on advancing the frontier of excellence in sound through the development of Next Generation Audio (NGA).

Spotics’ Startup Differential

Integral to Spotics’ operations is the development of products and services that feature next-generation audio, setting them apart in the ever-evolving world of audio and immersive technologies. This commitment to innovation and excellence is why they describe Next Generation Audio as the new frontier of excellence in sound that will transform the listening experience of consumers across a variety of applications from virtual reality to immersive media content authoring and streaming.

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The Spotics team boasts a successful track record with years of experience in innovating, developing, and taking award-winning products to market – a testament to their prowess in redefining industries and circumventing status quo.

The Future of Spotics and its Industry

The future of Spotics, and indeed the entire industry of 3D Technology, Audio, Augmented Reality, Hardware, Information Technology, Product Design, Software, Virtual Reality, looks very promising. With profound technological advancements, immersive VR and AR experiences are no longer futuristic dreams; they are the reality of today, and Spotics is strategically positioning itself to play a significant role in this new wave of innovation.

Interested individuals and organizations can keep up with Spotics’ advancements by visiting their website,, or their social media pages for more information: Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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