Is Online Helicopter Booking the Future of the Charter Market Industry?

Key takeaways:

  • Get Heli is a game-changer in the charter market industry with its innovative online helicopter booking system.
  • The startup consolidates a fragmented market place, benefitting both operators and brokers by reducing overheads and ensuring fair pricing.
  • With a streamlined booking process and connected mobile apps, Get Heli is poised to significantly reduce lead times in the B2B market.

Emerging from the bustling hubbub of London’s startup scene, Get Heli is poised to reshape the charter market industry with its innovative online marketplace. This impressive startup caters to helicopter charter operators bidding on booking requests put forth by brokers. The genius in Get Heli’s model lies in its ability to transform a fragmented charter market into one centralized and streamlined space – much to the advantage of both operators and brokers.

Beyond merely developing an efficient online booking system, Get Heli also pursues a commendable goal of transparency in the industry. Through its platform, pricing is kept fair, and unstructured requests are avoided — ensuring anonymity until after the booking process is completed. This strategy not only fortifies trust in the platform but also enhances overall user experience, leading to higher levels of satisfaction among both brokers and operators.

What sets Get Heli apart from traditional charter booking services is their recognition of the value of time in the world of charter. Their innovative approach involves developing both a website and connected mobile apps designed to significantly reduce lead times in the B2B market. This reduction of time provides clear benefit to consumers and service providers alike, ensuring operators can disembark quickly to their next flights and customers can reach their destinations as swiftly as possible.

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In partnership with Helipaddy, Get Heli offers a unique service highlighting optimal landing sites for any given booking, rather than simply the nearest ICAO airport. This intelligent feature draws on an exhaustive database of landing locations–a convincing proof of their commitment to enhancing the booking experience at every level.

With Get Heli’s innovative approach to restructuring the helicopter charter market, it’s clear that this rising startup is paving the way for the future of the industry. Their model champions customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, potentially signaling a new era of travel. This London-based startup, despite its youthfulness, is already making impressive strides in redefining the way we book charter flights.

To stay abreast of all the latest developments from this promising venture, make sure to follow Get Heli on their social media channels.LinkedIn. For further inquiries or booking information, visit their official website at

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