Is Singapore’s Diversified Real Estate Investment Strategy Set to Disrupt US Market?

Key Takeaways:

  • United Hampshire US REIT is a Singapore based real estate startup with a diversified investment strategy
  • The startup tenants are e-commerce resistant, focusing on grocery and necessity stores and self-storage facilities
  • Demands for such properties are expected to have robust growth due to changing consumer behavior towards e-commerce
  • The startup’s unique investment strategy may disrupt the US real-estate market


As real estate markets continue to evolve, it’s increasingly important to keep an eye on emerging players that are implementing innovative strategies to increase profits and return on investment. One such player in the market is the Singapore-based startup, United Hampshire US Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). The company’s principal investment strategy is focused on investing in a diversified portfolio of stabilized income-producing grocery and necessity-based retail properties, as well as modern, climate-controlled self-storage facilities, primarily within the U.S.

The global pandemic has caused a significant shift in consumer behavior, including a rise in e-commerce and an increase in demand for storage facilities. United Hampshire US REIT aims to take full advantage of these changing dynamics. Their tenants are e-commerce resistant, with the majority of the anchor tenants using their physical stores for their omnichannel strategies – merging online and offline shopping experiences.


The key differentiation for United Hampshire US REIT lies in its unique investment strategy. The company is tapping into segments of the real estate market that are proving to be resilient in the face of changing social and economic trends. The focus on grocery and necessity-based retail properties and self-storage facilities signal upcoming trends in the real-estate industry. This strategy may very well disrupt traditional methods in the U.S. market where diversification has been relatively unexplored.

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Notably, the company’s e-commerce resistant tenant portfolio also stands out. With more businesses adapting to an e-commerce model due to changes in consumer behavior, the startup’s choice of tenants appears counterintuitive. However, it is a measure that provides stability by focusing on industries that still rely heavily on brick-and-mortar locations.


United Hampshire US REIT gives us a glimpse into the upcoming trends of diversified investment strategy in real estate, especially in the US market. If successful, the startup’s unique approach could significantly influence and disrupt the traditional methods prevalent in the real estate industry.

The future of the startup looks promising. The robust growth expected in the demand for retail and self-storage properties indicates a bright future for this startup. To stay updated and learn more about the company, you can visit their website at

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