Is Sustainable Innovation the Key to Success in the Fashion and Lifestyle Industry?

Key Takeaways:

  • KalpTree Fashion And Lifestyle (KTFL) aims at transforming the fashion and lifestyle industry with sustainable innovation.
  • Based in Delhi, India, KTFL thrives upon the principle “Create & Deliver” in manufacturing apparels and other lifestyle products.
  • The company’s strong Emmy is based on excellent trend identification, adaptable product range, and 28+ years of experience in the industry.
  • Offering product diversity, KTFL is a fast-growing organization that believes in providing fashion coupled with value.

Established in 2019, KalpTree Fashion And Lifestyle (KTFL) intends to change the fashion and lifestyle industry game. The Delhi-based company adapts to the philosophy of “Create & Deliver”, empowering itself as a manufacturer and a multiple-service provider in the domestic market. The young, innovative startup focuses on end-use, quality, and value, delivering impressive value-oriented brands under its own labels.

The organization believes that sustainable innovation is the key to achieving success in this competitive industry. Crafting unique designs and developing quality products that cater to the optimal utility of the end customer, KTFL aims to establish a niche in the industry. To back this ambition, the company possesses impeccable experience of over 28 years in Textile Business & Business Finance.

KTFL differentiates itself by striving for innovation and design excellence. With its keen focus on introducing new styles and concepts to the Indian market, it has been able to offer fits that are in sync with evolving body structure trends and selection of appropriate fabrics suitable for diverse processes. The company showcased its innovation from the onset, launching with Women Jeanswear and rapidly expanding its portfolio to include Woven Bottoms, Tops, Ethnicwear for both Women and Kids.

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Another unique attribute to KTFL is the ability to track international fashion trends and successfully integrate them into their products, catering to their market effectively. This approach has allowed the company to carve out a particular niche for their brands, such as Clothica, BlueUrban, EthnicBeat, and Artree, in the Indian market. The ‘Right Value’ of their products springs from the perfect balance they maintain between meeting the fashion needs and considering consumers’ financial constraints.

In the near future, KTFL is set to make significant strides in the Fashion and Lifestyle industry. With an unwavering commitment towards quality, innovation, and sustainability, the company is poised for exponential growth in the coming years. Indeed, their approach underscores the crucial role sustainable innovation may play in reshaping the landscape of the Fashion and Lifestyle industry.

A successful startup story of sustainable innovation, KTFL continues to inspire both budding entrepreneurs and industry stalwarts. Always stay tuned to their progress on their LinkedIn page and their Website.

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