Is Telemedicine the Future of Healthcare and Information Technology Industry?

Key Takeaways:

  • Because Health is a Seattle-based telemedicine provider bringing specialist physicians to patients through video chat, messaging, and in-person consults.
  • The startup uses board-certified physicians and complies with CLIA and FDA requirements for lab tests.
  • Because Health also provides return-to-workplace clinical screenings, offering valuable cost savings for businesses and safer workplaces.
  • The startup is in line with the current trend towards telemedicine as the future of the healthcare industry.

Telemedicine is ever increasingly infiltrating the healthcare industry as technology continues to develop. With its potential to provide greater accessibility, affordability, and convenience, telemedicine is projected to be a significant part of the future of healthcare. One startup standing at the forefront of this industry shift is Seattle-based Because Health.

Established by Anders Boman, Because Health utilizes telemedicine, connecting patients with specialist physicians through video chat, messaging and in-person office consults. It exemplifies a new wave of healthcare provision that emphasizes technology’s role in improving patient care and accessibility.

Distinct from other telemedicine providers, Because Health not only enables digital appointments but also boasts advanced testing and treatments facilitated by board-certified physicians. Premium prescriptions are custom-formulated, ensuring that patients get personalized care that suits their specific needs. Furthermore, its lab tests comply with Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements. This level of regulation adherence sets a high standard within their operations and patient safety.

Because Health has also carved a niche by helping businesses with return-to-workplace clinical screenings, including on-site testing and risk detection. This service has led to significant financial savings for corporations while making workplaces safer at no cost. This type of corporate partnership is a unique approach that could signal a new direction within the telemedicine industry.

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As telemedicine becomes increasingly woven into the healthcare and information technology landscape, companies like Because Health are well-positioned for growth. Their commitment to quality healthcare, innovative approach to corporate partnerships, and effective use of advanced technology are characteristics likely to continue driving their success.

The future of Because Health and the wider telemedicine industry seems bright. It is worth keeping an eye on how telemedicine providers continue to evolve and adapt to the rapidly changing healthcare landscape. Stay up-to-date with Because Health by following them on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin, or visit their website at

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