Is This New App Revolutionizing Restaurant Marketing and Food Delivery Industry?

Frie Technologies, a startup based in Los Angeles, California, is making waves in the food delivery and marketing industry with its innovative approach. Harnessing the power of social networks and user engagement, Frie has built an app that allows users to essentially become food critics and promoters. This new approach not only offers a unique spin on food discovery but is also reinventing the conventional way marketing is done for restaurants. But does this innovative strategy represent a revolution in the food delivery and restaurant marketing industry? Let’s dive in.

The Frie app acts as a collaborative platform where users can create lists, reviews, and interactive photo albums of their favorite restaurants, allowing them to share these experiences with others. Its bookmarking tool, discovery feed, and rewarding user rewards system keep engagement high, while providing users with the ability to make table reservations or pick up food directly from restaurants. In essence, Frie provides a seamless bridge between restaurants and customers.

Key takeaways:

  • Frie Technologies is an up-and-coming startup that is trying to reshape restaurant marketing and food delivery.
  • Their app allows users to create, share, and engage with lists, reviews, and photo albums of restaurants, incentivizing them to order from the platform.
  • Frie’s unique strategy utilising social networking could prove to be a game-changer in the industry.

What makes Frie Technologies stand out is its approach to marketing. By incentivizing customers to create, share, and engage with personalized restaurant lists and reviews, Frie indirectly employs its users into promoting its partner restaurants. Social networking has long proved to be a powerful marketing tool. By leveraging its potential, Frie is disrupting conventional marketing strategies.

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Moreover, the app builds trust among potential customers as the reviews and recommendations come from peers. This model allows for constant user engagement and potentially greater revenue for restaurants and delivery personnel. It also positions Frie as more than a mere food delivery app—it turns it into a platform for discovering new restaurants, making it essential for food aficionados and casual diners alike.

In conclusion, it would not be a stretch to say that Frie Technologies might be on the edge of revolutionizing restaurant marketing and the food delivery industry. By making use of social network effects and user engagement, it has positioned itself as a company that could fundamentally change how we discover and order food. The future of Frie and, indeed, the whole industry could be greatly influenced by how well this model is received and sustained.

For those interested, more about Frie Technologies and to download the app, visit their website at They can also be found on social media: Twitter –

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