Is This the Future of Comprehensive Healthcare and Cosmetic Surgery Solutions?

Dr. Sibel Can, Dr. İhsan Beşdok


Key Takeaways:

  • Smile Centre Turkey® is a comprehensive health and cosmetic surgery solution based in Antalya, Turkey.
  • The startup offers a variety of services including dental treatment, plastic surgery, hair transplant, obesity surgery, eye surgery and even travel organization for patients.
  • The startup differentiates itself by offering all-inclusive medical travel packages.
  • Founded by Dr. Sibel Can and Dr. İhsan Beşdok, Smile Centre Turkey® stands as a testament to the future of comprehensive healthcare services.

Revolutionizing the healthcare and cosmetic surgery industries, Smile Centre Turkey® is a startup that provides full-range healthcare and medical services to patients who wish to receive treatment in Turkey. The company is based in Antalya, the stunning coastal city of Turkey, offering over and above service through the fusion of state-of-the-art medical procedures and rejuvenating holiday experience.

Founded by seasoned medical professionals, Dr. Sibel Can and Dr. İhsan Beşdok, Smile Centre Turkey® is a certified dental clinic and registered medical travel agency. The startup provides healthcare services for all patients wanting to get treated in Turkey, from travel arrangements to dental treatment or plastic surgery, and even helping with accommodation, airport transfers as well as general guidance.

What sets Smile Centre Turkey® apart is its comprehensive approach towards healthcare. Whereas traditionally, patients are required to coordinate between different agencies for travel arrangements, accommodation, and medical procedures, Smile Centre Turkey® provides a one-stop solution for the entire journey. This holistic method showcases a unique blend of healthcare and travel industry, making medical treatments less stressful and more effective for the patients.

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Moreover, Smile Centre Turkey® prides itself on the expertise of its team. The medical staff, ranging from the dental surgeons to the cosmetic surgeons, have between 15- 25 years of experience, ensuring patients receive first-class health care services. This, coupled with its 360 degree approach to patient care, sets the startup apart in the crowded healthcare industry.

Smile Centre Turkey® represents a clear shift in the healthcare and cosmetic surgery industries’ traditional approach, showing us the potential of what the future might hold for these vital sectors. As we move forward, it is expected that more startups would follow suit by offering end-to-end medical solutions, easing the strain off patients, and optimizing treatments for the better.

With start-ups like Smile Centre Turkey®, the future of the healthcare industry seems brighter. It also opens up a new arena where healthcare, travel and hospitality sectors can harmoniously co-exist for an enhanced patient experience. Find out more about Smile Centre Turkey® and its services on their official website: You can also follow them on their social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn.


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