Is Unlimited Cloud Storage without Monthly Subscription the Future of File Sharing?

Alex Bibik, Matt Bennet

Key Takeaways:

  • FileWhopper is a unique cloud storage and file sharing service that allows users to send files or folders of any size securely.
  • Unlike regular cloud services, FileWhopper does not require a monthly subscription or to buy server space.
  • FileWhopper incorporates multi-threaded data transfer technology for the highest possible speed.
  • The service is totally secure thanks to file encryption for transfers.

It seems that cloud storage and file sharing has found a revolutionary player with the launch of FileWhopper. Founded in 2019 by Alex Bibik and Matt Bennet in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, this unique service is rewriting all the rules about sending large files and folders. They promise no size limit for files and folders, making the service highly beneficial for users who require to handle large amounts of data with speed and security.

Unlike most cloud storage services that require a monthly subscription or purchasing server space, FileWhopper aims to satisfy its users’ needs in a much simpler way. Users only pay a one-time fee based on the size of the file or folder they wish to send. Furthermore, to facilitate the process of handling large data volumes, FileWhopper provides a small desktop app that processes big file transfers, then deletes itself once the job is done.

FileWhopper’s proposition breaks new ground within the cloud storage and file sharing industry. Their offering comes as a refreshing and innovative alternative which eliminates the need for a monthly storage plan. Further strengthening their proposition is their adoption of multi-threaded data transfer technology which guarantees top speed and data integrity. If the PC should reboot during the transfer, the data transfer will resume automatically, ensuring the least possible data loss.

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The platform is totally secure, given that the files are encrypted for transfer and supports simultaneous upload and download further promoting efficiency. The ability for FileWhopper to manoeuvre such large data streams opens the possibilities to new, more effective and cost efficient solutions within the industry.

Looking to the future of FileWhopper and the industry, it seems that the startup may have hit onto a winning formula. As more individuals and companies engage with larger amounts of data, the demand for a service like FileWhopper is only likely to increase. As a platform that offers limitless, secure, and easy-to-use file sharing services, FileWhopper has positioned itself to reshape the way we perceive cloud storage and file sharing. Only time will answer whether unlimited cloud storage without a monthly subscription is the future of file sharing.

For more information about FileWhopper, visit their website at You can also follow them on Twitter at, Facebook at and Linkedin at

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