Is Woburn’s T Cell Research Revolutionizing Biopharma and Biotechnology Industries?

Key Takeaways:
  • 100XBIO is changing the state of the T cell research in the biopharma and biotechnology industries, based in Woburn, Massachusetts.
  • The startup is known for enhancing the efficiency of these researches, providing 100-1000x more data on antigen specificity of the T cells in the limited sample volume.
  • The company’s unique approach of matching the precise antigen specificity with the TCR sequence is revolutionizing the industry.

Woburn, Massachusetts-based startup, 100XBIO is revolutionizing the Biopharma and Biotechnology industries with its unique and innovative approach to T cell research. At the frontier of life science, this startup is unlocking new potentials and possibilities when it comes to antigen specificity of T cells.

The company’s commitment towards enhancing the precision and efficiency of research is evident in its promise to deliver 100-1000 times more data on antigen specificity of the T cells in the limited sample volume. Such level of dedication and expertise in this niche field is placing 100XBIO at a pivotal position in the industry.

What sets 100XBIO apart from its counterparts in the biotech world is its approach. Not only does the company offer extensive data on antigen specificity, but it also matches the precise antigen specificity with the TCR sequence. This is a game-changer in leading to more precise and targeted research outcomes.

The expertise of founders Sergei Pustylnikov and Sofya Leyn is fundamental to the differentiating factor of the startup. Their collective knowledge and commitment to research excellence are enhancing the quality and precision of T cell investigations.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Biopharma and Biotechnology industries, the role of startups like 100XBIO is not merely limited to current times. With its innovative approach to T cell research, the company is setting a precedent for the future of these industries.

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The forward-thinking mindset, coupled with practical solutions provided by 100XBIO, indicates a promising future for the startup. In the years to come, we can expect 100XBIO to lead the pack, making key contributions to the evolution of biopharma and biotechnology industries. Visit their website at or check their social media platforms on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay updated about their work.


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