Revolutionising E-Commerce: Can B2B and B2C Procurement Transform the Agriculture Industry?

Key Takeaways:

  • Yantracart, a startup based in Durgapur, West Bengal, India, is digitally transforming B2B and B2C procurement in several sectors, including agriculture.
  • The platform currently serves more than 10K products in 27000+ area pin codes across India and is being used by SMEs, Enterprises, local vendors, and consumers.
  • Yantracart is setting themselves apart by not just delivering products, but by providing a satisfying fulfillment experience.
  • With its advanced E-commerce initiatives, Yantracart could revolutionise the agriculture industry by making procurement processes more efficient.

Procurement has long been a major point of interest for businesses in various sectors, including automobile, gardening, industrial, and most importantly, agriculture. Residing at the intersection of these industries is Yantracart, a startup striving to change the way B2B and B2C procurement is approached in the agriculture industry. Founded by Sourav Dutta, Yantracart has taken up the ambitious task of making the agriculture industry smarter through its intensive, carefully curated online platform.

Based in Durgapur, West Bengal, Yantracart’s primary aim is to make online fulfilment easier and hassle-free for both sellers/vendors and customers/consumers. With their application of e-commerce to traditionally offline sectors, Yantracart has sparked curiosity and interest: Can this startup revolutionise the agriculture industry by transforming the procurement processes?

Yantracart differentiates itself from other e-commerce platforms through an unwavering commitment to the satisfaction of their clients. While the core operation involves delivering products, the startup makes a conscious effort to provide a fulfilling experience to its users. This holistic approach towards procurement, involving seamless online transactions in combination with satisfactory fulfilment, sets Yantracart apart.

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Accessibility is another key differential of Yantracart. Covering 27000+ area pin codes across India, the startup has taken steps to ensure their services reach a widespread audience. Such extensive coverages combined with extensive product offerings, from industrial tools to electrical appliances, makes Yantracart a comprehensive solution for procurement needs.

In the foreseeable future, given its unique approach to procurement and the agility of its operation, Yantracart could potentially redefine the parameters of the agriculture industry by streamlining procurement processes and making them more efficient. With an increasing number of consumers, small-medium enterprises, and local vendors connecting to the platform daily, the ripple effects of Yantracart’s services are likely to be felt far and wide.

Yantracart is an exciting startup to watch as they embark on their journey to transform the agriculture industry. For more information, visit their website at Yantracart, or connect with them on their social platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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