Revolutionising Global Travel: How is One Startup Modernising Vacation Planning?

Key Takeaways:

  • Wilep is a travel start-up based in Bangladesh revolutionising the travel industry with its comprehensive package of services.
  • The platform provides an all-in-one solution for travellers, including cheap flight tickets, visa advice, tour packages, travel tips and guides to multiple global destinations.
  • With an experience-rich, user-friendly platform and a vision to make global travel more accessible, enjoyable and affordable, Wilep is standing out in the travel tech start-up space

In an increasingly globalised world where travel has been made convenient and affordable, there’s a need for a platform that offers different travel-related services under one roof. Enter Wilep, a start-up from Bangladesh that is on a mission to revolutionise the travel industry, offering everything from cheap flight tickets and visa advice to tour packages and travel guides to any destination in the world. Founded by Arif Hossain on August 1, 2023, Wilep was born from an ambition to streamline the process of travel planning by centralising and simplifying all the necessary services. Seeking to unite the colloquially vast world of travel, Wilep aims to make the pleasure of travelling accessible to all, promising safety, affordability and a comprehensive travel experience.

Arif’s vision for Wilep goes beyond just providing standard travel services. Wilep aims to be a comprehensive platform that doesn’t just cater to travellers, but to all those connected to the travel business as well. The platform provides a holistic travel experience, boasting a wealth of information and resources that help to eliminate common problems and difficulties faced by travellers such as visa rejections or safety concerns.

The aspects that set Wilep apart in the bustling startup landscape lies in its comprehensive, user-friendly platform, and commitment towards making travel accessible and affordable. The startup provides wide-ranging travel services such as low-cost flight tickets, visa advice, attractive tour packages and useful travel tips and guides. Wilep is also solidifying its positioning in the travel domain with bespoke digital solutions for the travel business, including the Air Ticket Management (ATM) web software. This all-encompassing approach has allowed Wilep to differentiate itself in a crowded marketplace and add real value to the travel endeavour.

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Moreover, Wilep’s resources extend to covering important aspects like the history and culture of the destination, sights and attractions, traditional food and drinks, local language and customs, best time to travel, and even the essentials for travel. By offering insights and practical information tailored to the traveller’s destination, Wilep serves as a virtual tour guide, enriching the travel experience manifold.

Looking forward, Wilep is well-poised to disrupt the travel industry’s conventional norms and enhance the experience of global travel with its comprehensive platform for travel services and solutions. With its commitment towards making the world a more accessible place for everyone, Wilep is likely to have a substantial impact on the industry it operates in. To learn more about Wilep, join the Wilep family or get updates from their website and social media platforms.

Website: Wilep
Twitter: WilepHQ
Facebook: WilepHQ
Linkedin: Wilep

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