Revolutionizing Home Improvement: Is On-Demand Concierge Service the Future?

Key Takeaways:

  • True Home is a game-changer in the home improvement sector, providing a complete concierge service for all maintenance needs.
  • Platform aims to streamline homeowner communication and process with contractors
  • Available on a subscription basis or a free tier that sends reminders for regular maintenance.
  • Holds potential to be the bridge between homeowners and reliable contractors while ensuring the quality of service.

In a world increasingly turning towards on-demand and customized services, home improvement is no exception. Awhilst projects can be complex and time-consuming, True Home emerges as a modern solution for homeowners, aiming to revolutionalize the home improvement scene. Based in Denver, Colorado, this innovative startup offers a comprehensive concierge service aiming to simplify home maintenance and renovation.

True Home, not only connects homeowners to trusted contractors but also provides a transparent platform where interactions, change orders, and payments are managed smoothly. Operating on a subscription basis, users can lean back and let their dedicated concierge handle everything from lawn care to house remodeling.

What sets True Home apart from the crowd is not just the dedicated assistance they provide but also the concept of bringing every aspect of home improvement under one roof. Instead of homeowners juggling between different contractors and handling all the complexities, True Home steps in as a single point of contact for the entire journey. Unprecedented control and transparency they bring with their platform can be a game-changer in the industry.

Moreover, their unique pricing strategy caters to a wide range of customers. A standard rate of $99 per month for the first home and $49 for each additional home makes it a feasible option for real estate investors. A free tier that gives reminders for regular maintenance is available for settlers who prefer a hands-off approach.

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The vision of True Home reflects the evolving needs of the current homeowners who value efficiency and reliability. There is strong potential for True Home to pave the way in revolutionizing the home improvement sector with its on-demand concierge service. The startup’s unique positioning may inspire more innovative, customer-focused solutions in the home improvement sector.

With its eye on improving homeowner experiences and a dedication to streamline and demystify home improvement, True Home is a startup to watch. To stay updated on their progress and milestones, visit their website ( and LinkedIn page (

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