Revolutionizing Industries: Japan’s Most Influential Machine Learning Startups in 2023?

Japan has always been renowned for its innovative technological advancements. From designing the world’s fastest supercomputers to pioneering robotics, Japan continues to affirm its place in shaping the tech landscape. As we delve deeper into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Japanese startups are at the forefront, leveraging these technologies for a wide range of applications. This article showcases 15 innovative machine learning startups in Japan that are propelling the country into the AI-driven future.

In 2020, Japan’s government launched the “AI Strategy 2020,” aiming to build a society where everyone can benefit from AI. This strategic policy has undoubtedly stimulated the growth of AI companies and startups. The following machine learning startups have been chosen for their innovative approach, impressive technological feats, and potential to disrupt their respective industries.

A year since the “AI Strategy 2020” initiative, it is encouraging to see so many startups thriving in this tech-centric ecosystem. These machine learning startups are not only solving complex problems but are also helping shape an inclusive society with their AI technologies.


Based in Japan, Hutzper specializes in image recognition and AI development. It offers computing solutions, particularly for the manufacturing industry. The company’s primary focus is to improve industrial processes using machine intelligence.

Tokyo Artisan Intelligence

Tokyo Artisan Intelligence is an outsourced AI development company based in Japan. The company provides a range of machine learning solutions to businesses across various sectors, enabling them to automate processes and improve overall operational efficiency.

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Digital Humans

Digital Humans provides clients with an AI-based customer experience. They use AI to provide accurate information, helping businesses build meaningful relationships with their customers.


Skysense uses machine learning to bring technological advancement to agriculture. By combining AI with scientific imaging from above, the company reveals critical insights that enable farmers to revolutionize agricultural practices.


Engineerforce is a SaaS-type service that uses AI to identify the difficulty level for each task. This service helps businesses allocate resources more efficiently and work on improving productivity.


GramEye is reshaping the medical industry by developing devices that automate gram stain using deep learning and robotics. This innovative application of machine learning is leading to faster and more reliable medical tests.

Ocean Eyes

Ocean Eyes is a marine AI venture that utilizes AI technologies and oceanographic model technologies for sustainable ocean management. Their tools and platforms enhance our understanding of the oceanic environment and help conserve it.


Hakky offers end-to-end AI model development, multi-cloud data infrastructure construction, and software-based data visualization solutions. The company assists businesses in leveraging AI and big data for informed decision-making.


CWJ provides tools and know-how necessary for AI development operation through their “Aidata crowdsourcing service”. The company is committed to fostering a robust AI development ecosystem in Japan.


AI-deal uses AI to develop businesses that support social minority groups and the healthy growth of youth. The company exemplifies how AI and machine learning can contribute positively to society.

Vpon Holdings

Vpon Holdings is an AI big data analysis and advertising company. Using machine learning algorithms, the company provides actionable insights to businesses, thus fine-tuning their advertising strategies.

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TechSword provides a platform for users to develop image recognition AI tools without any prior coding experience. The company makes AI-powered tools accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical proficiency.

Intellectual Highway

Intellectual Highway specializes in cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning and FPGA of network protocols. The company bridges the gap between conventional network protocols and innovative machine learning solutions.


SCHOL utilizes both distributed ledger technology and machine learning technology to provide their unique array of solutions. The company exhibits how the intersection of AI and blockchain technology can drive innovation.

Find Discovery

Find Discovery aims to revitalize the diving industry using AI technology. Machine learning solutions enable the company to analyze and enhance various aspects of the diving experience, thus promoting the sport and offering a better experience to enthusiasts.

Each of these Japanese machine learning startups is a testament to the importance of AI and its transformative potential across various sectors. They offer a glimpse into the future where AI and machine learning are integral parts of our everyday life.

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