Shanghai’s AI Innovators: Pioneering Transformations Across Industries


Shanghai, China, is a vibrant hub of technological innovation, home to a thriving ecosystem of Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies that are redefining industries. In this article, we showcase 15 remarkable AI enterprises in Shanghai that are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with their groundbreaking solutions.


Surpath is an AI-driven cloud-based platform that optimizes supply chain solutions based on clients’ unique needs. By harnessing AI capabilities, Surpath enhances efficiency, reduces costs, and streamlines operations within supply chains.

Shanghai Laisi Xinxi Jishu Co. Ltd.:

This company specializes in cutting-edge AI hardware technology, playing a pivotal role in advancing AI hardware innovation and driving progress across various sectors.

Weijian Technology:

Weijian Technology combines robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), and AI algorithms to develop intelligent building products for the construction industry. Their solutions aim to improve safety, productivity, and efficiency in construction processes.

Tianhu Technology:

Tianhu Technology focuses on computational chemistry and AI-driven drug molecule design. By leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning, they provide innovative solutions for drug discovery and contribute to advancements in medical research.

Xiding Intelligent:

As a leading educational service platform, Xiding Intelligent leverages AI to enhance learning experiences. Their solutions empower educators, students, and parents with personalized and adaptive approaches to education.

Jingying Technology:

Jingying Technology offers a comprehensive short video content production and service platform. Through AI-enabled marketing services, they help advertisers engage customers effectively and promote their brands.

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AI Dexian Zhaopin Guan:

AI Dexian Zhaopin Guan specializes in AI consulting services for human resource management. By leveraging AI technologies, they optimize talent acquisition, workforce management, and strategic HR decision-making.

Qiyi Medical:

Qiyi Medical is a medical AI technology company that utilizes research data to develop innovative solutions. Their AI algorithms contribute to advancements in diagnostics, treatment planning, and healthcare management. provides modular AI solutions tailored for the healthcare industry. Their solutions enhance patient care, diagnostics, and overall operational efficiency in healthcare organizations.

Qiaoyi Zhizao:

Qiaoyi Zhizao is an AI platform focused on industrial defect detection. By leveraging AI algorithms, they help industries detect and address defects, improving overall product quality.

Wuzhi Intelligence:

Wuzhi Intelligence harnesses AI to focus on intelligent orchestration, automation, and human-machine collaboration. Their solutions optimize processes and workflows, enhancing productivity and efficiency.


Mindcruise specializes in autonomous driving solutions. By integrating AI technology into vehicles, they contribute to the development of self-driving cars and advance the future of transportation.


KouTech develops surgical robots capable of performing ophthalmic surgery, trans-gastroscopic procedures, and general-purpose microsurgery. Their AI-driven robotic systems enhance precision and improve surgical outcomes.


CyberLove is an entertainment app that leverages AI to analyze users’ faces and understand their beauty preferences. Their app provides an engaging and personalized experience for users. is a high-tech chip company dedicated to the development of intelligent vision sensors. Their cutting-edge technology contributes to advancements in computer vision and image processing.


Shanghai’s AI companies are at the forefront of innovation, driving transformative changes across industries. From optimizing supply chains to revolutionizing healthcare and education, these companies are pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve. With their groundbreaking solutions, Shanghai’s AI innovators are shaping the future and propelling China’s position as a global

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