Startup Showcase: AirEye – Protecting Networks from Airborne Attacks

AirEye – The Leader in Network Airspace Protection

In today’s digital age, where cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, organizations face the constant challenge of securing their networks from airborne attacks. With the rise of wireless communication technologies like WiFi, cellular, 5G, and Bluetooth, traditional security measures are often insufficient. However, one Israeli startup is revolutionizing network security by providing a comprehensive solution to protect against airborne attacks. Welcome to the showcase of AirEye, the leader in network airspace protection.

Protecting Networks in the Digital Skies

AirEye is changing the game when it comes to safeguarding organizational networks. AirEye Dome, their flagship product, is the only solution that offers complete protection against any form of airborne attacks launched against a company’s network. By monitoring all wireless communications in real-time, AirEye Dome can detect and automatically block any violation of corporate security, preventing unauthorized network access, data leaks, and potential hijacking attempts.

The Need for Airspace Protection

Digital airborne attacks have become increasingly prevalent, with cybercriminals exploiting wireless communications as entry points to gain unauthorized access or launch advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks. AirEye recognizes the urgent need for proactive airspace protection to prevent these attacks from compromising sensitive corporate data and network infrastructure. With AirEye Dome, organizations can rest assured that their networks are shielded from airborne threats.

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Seamless Integration and Easy Deployment

One of the key advantages of AirEye Dome is its seamless integration with existing network security infrastructure. Unlike other solutions that require complex architectural changes or messy integrations, AirEye Dome functions as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that complements your current security setup. This streamlined approach eliminates the hassle of platform management and alert chasing, making it effortless for organizations to enhance their network security.

Deployment Across Various Industries

AirEye Dome has already gained significant traction across multiple industries. From finance and banking to healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and aerospace, organizations in diverse sectors are turning to AirEye for comprehensive network airspace protection. Regardless of the industry, the threat landscape remains a significant concern, and AirEye ensures that networks are safeguarded against airborne attacks, providing peace of mind to business leaders and IT professionals alike.


In summary, AirEye is revolutionizing network security with their cutting-edge AirEye Dome solution. By monitoring wireless communications in real-time and automatically blocking any security violations, AirEye is at the forefront of protecting organizations from airborne attacks. With its seamless integration and deployment across various industries, AirEye is becoming the go-to choice for businesses seeking comprehensive network airspace protection.





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Explore the bubble  Who Are Spain's Top Influential Internet Startups Transforming Business in 2023?

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