Startup Showcase: BabyLiveAdvice Revolutionizes Maternal-Infant Care with Technology-Enabled Telehealth Services

Empowering Mothers and Families Every Step of the Way


In the fast-paced world of healthcare, technology continues to play a transformative role, making healthcare services more accessible and convenient for patients. One such startup that is revolutionizing the field of maternal-infant care is BabyLiveAdvice. With its technology-enabled telehealth services, BabyLiveAdvice supports and guides mothers and families throughout the entire maternal journey, from preconception to early childhood. Let’s delve into the innovative offerings of this Los Angeles-based startup.

Closing Care Gaps through Innovative Telehealth Solutions:

With the aim of closing care gaps in maternal-infant care, BabyLiveAdvice provides a comprehensive suite of technology-driven services. At the heart of their offerings is a state-of-the-art SaaS-based telehealth platform, complemented by a unique custom-built EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and telemonitoring dashboard. This robust platform seamlessly connects with multiple devices, allowing healthcare providers to remotely monitor and guide mothers throughout their pregnancy and early childhood stages.

Enhancing Healthcare Provider Capacities:

By leveraging their telehealth platform, BabyLiveAdvice enables health systems and providers to increase touch points with their patients. This proactive approach allows for early identification of potential medical emergencies, reducing risks and providing significant cost savings. Through real-time monitoring and personalized guidance, BabyLiveAdvice empowers healthcare providers to deliver more efficient and effective care to their patients.

Support and Empowerment for Parents:

Recognizing that parenthood can be an overwhelming journey, BabyLiveAdvice goes beyond telehealth services to offer support and empowerment to parents. Through their technology-driven platform, they provide educational resources, expert advice, and personalized guidance, acting as a much-needed source of support throughout the parenting journey. By equipping parents with knowledge and resources, BabyLiveAdvice empowers them to make informed decisions about their child’s health and well-being.

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BabyLiveAdvice is leading the way in revolutionizing maternal-infant care through their technology-enabled telehealth services. By bridging the gap between mothers and healthcare providers, the startup ensures that families receive comprehensive care from preconception to early childhood. With their innovative telehealth platform, they increase touch points, reduce medical emergencies, and improve outcomes for patients. Through their commitment to educating and empowering parents, BabyLiveAdvice provides invaluable support throughout the parenting journey.




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