Startup Showcase: Cognomie – Revolutionizing Organizational Wellbeing and Performance

Empowering Organizations Through Coaching, Counseling, and Therapy

Welcome to, where we bring you the most innovative and exciting startups from around the globe. In this edition of our Startup Showcase, we delve into the world of Cognomie, a London-based company that is transforming the way organizations approach employee wellbeing and performance. Cognomie provides access to coaching, counseling, and therapy, creating a harmonious and fulfilled work environment. Let’s explore how Cognomie is changing the landscape of organizational growth and mental fitness.

The Genesis of Cognomie

Founded in 2019, Cognomie emerged from a collective vision of fostering a more supportive and healthy work culture. With a focus on enhancing skills, insight, belief, and fulfillment, the team at Cognomie identified a crucial need for accessible and effective mental wellness support in the corporate world. Their digital platform presents a unique solution that connects practitioners and therapists with organizations and their employees seamlessly.

Unveiling the Cognomie Experience

Cognomie’s mission revolves around bolstering the mental fitness foundation that serves as the bedrock for a thriving work culture. By offering coaching, counseling, and therapy services, Cognomie covers a wide spectrum of needs, from individual skill development to team collaboration and leadership enhancement. This holistic approach ensures that employees feel empowered, engaged, and fulfilled in their roles, ultimately leading to higher productivity and job satisfaction.

In a rapidly evolving world, Cognomie understands the importance of adapting to modern trends. Their bespoke digital platform enables practitioners and therapists to provide their services online, transcending geographical barriers and time zones. This accessibility not only facilitates continuous support for employees but also ensures long-term effectiveness and results for the individuals and the company as a whole.

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Bridging the Gap Between Personal and Professional Growth

One of the most unique aspects of Cognomie is its ability to bridge the gap between personal and professional development. By offering counseling and therapy alongside traditional coaching services, Cognomie recognizes that an individual’s personal struggles can significantly impact their performance at work. Through this integrated approach, employees are given the tools and support needed to navigate both personal and professional challenges successfully.

Building a Better Future Together

Cognomie’s vision extends beyond organizational boundaries. They actively collaborate with various stakeholders, including executives, managers, and employees, to create a well-rounded and inclusive approach to mental wellness. The company’s commitment to cultivating a positive work culture has led to partnerships with prominent organizations seeking to prioritize the well-being and growth of their teams.


As we conclude our Startup Showcase on Cognomie, it’s clear that their innovative approach to mental wellness and personal development is setting new standards in the corporate world. By providing access to coaching, counseling, and therapy, Cognomie empowers organizations and their employees to thrive in an increasingly challenging environment.

By embracing the digital realm, Cognomie demonstrates its dedication to making mental fitness support accessible to everyone, regardless of their location. The seamless integration of personal and professional growth further solidifies their commitment to creating a harmonious and fulfilling work environment.


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