Startup Showcase: Enline Revolutionizing Power Grids with Advanced Digital Twin Technology

Enhancing Grid Efficiency and Profitability Through Cutting-Edge Innovation


Welcome to, where we bring you the most groundbreaking startups from around the world. In this edition of our Startup Showcase, we are excited to present Enline, a global leader in the development of advanced digital twins for power grids. With their revolutionary technology, Enline is transforming the energy industry and paving the way for a more efficient and sustainable future.

Revolutionizing Power Grids with Digital Twin Technology

Enline is at the forefront of the digital transformation in the power sector. Their expertise lies in developing the world’s most advanced digital twins for power grids. A digital twin is a virtual replica of a physical asset or system, providing real-time insights and simulations to optimize its performance. By leveraging this cutting-edge technology, Enline empowers power grid operators to make informed decisions, improve grid reliability, and enhance operational efficiency.

Unparalleled Speed and Scale

Enline’s commitment to simplifying complexity is reflected in their speed of innovation and global presence. With a focus on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Enline has developed an exclusive technology that enables the creation and operation of digital twins without the need for additional sensors or hardware installations. Their solution offers a comprehensive understanding of the electrical, mechanical, and thermal behavior of each asset in a power system. What sets Enline apart is their ability to deploy digital twins in just a few days, entirely remotely, and at an extremely competitive cost.

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Industry Leadership and Global Reach

Enline’s impact spans across continents and industries. Their customer base includes energy generation, transmission, and distribution companies, as well as industrial and mining companies, banks, and international insurance companies. Their digital twin technology has proven invaluable in enhancing grid resilience, optimizing asset management, and reducing downtime. With offices in Portugal, Germany, Brazil, and Peru, and representatives in over 25 countries, Enline’s global reach underscores their commitment to driving profitability and results for their clients worldwide.

Driving Efficiency and Sustainability

Enline’s digital twin technology has the potential to revolutionize the power industry’s approach to asset management and grid optimization. By providing real-time insights into asset performance, operators can proactively address issues, predict maintenance needs, and maximize the lifespan of critical infrastructure. This level of precision and efficiency not only improves grid reliability but also contributes to a more sustainable energy ecosystem.


Enline’s commitment to innovation and their expertise in digital twin technology have positioned them as global leaders in the power grid industry. Their unrivaled speed of innovation, vertical expertise, and global reach make them an invaluable partner for power companies seeking to optimize their assets and enhance grid performance. With Enline’s advanced digital twin solutions, the future of power grids looks brighter than ever.



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