Startup Showcase: Free to Feed – Revolutionizing Infant Health with Allergen Detection

Introduction: A Breakthrough in Infant Health

Welcome to, where we bring you the most innovative and groundbreaking startups from around the globe. In this showcase, we present “Free to Feed,” a biotech startup based in Durham, North Carolina, that is revolutionizing the way parents navigate food allergies in their infants through an at-home breastmilk allergen detection strip. This startup is on a mission to provide breastfeeding mothers with valuable insights into their milk composition, ultimately empowering them to make informed choices for their infants’ health.

Unveiling the Game-Changer: Free to Feed’s Allergen Detection Strip

Free to Feed introduces an over-the-counter allergen test that identifies various food proteins in breast milk. The product serves two main user groups: breastfeeding mothers who suspect infant food allergies or intolerances, and those who wish to deliberately introduce food allergens to their infants early, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Emphasizing the numerous health benefits of breastfeeding, Free to Feed is committed to supporting mothers in providing the healthiest, most natural form of infant nutrition.

Empowering Mothers with Real-Time Data

At the core of Free to Feed’s solution is the integration of cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features. The startup’s allergen detection strip allows mothers to evaluate their breast milk for allergens in real time. By using the Free to Feed app, mothers can annotate which allergens are present, along with the date and time of milk expression and nursing/feed sessions. Additionally, parents can record any symptoms observed in their infants, enabling medical professionals to gain comprehensive data for accurate diagnosis.

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Revolutionizing Early Allergen Introduction

Free to Feed is transforming the landscape of early allergen introduction to the infant diet. Contrary to previous recommendations to avoid early exposure to top food allergens, recent studies indicate that early and sustained introduction may influence the risk of allergic or autoimmune diseases for infants who do not exhibit allergic symptoms before one year of age. A meta-analysis of 146 studies has even shown that early introduction is associated with a moderately lower risk of developing egg or peanut allergies. Despite these findings, mothers lacked effective tools to facilitate safe and early allergen introduction—until now.

Supporting Medical Professionals with Comprehensive Data

By compiling and presenting the data in a summary page, Free to Feed enables parents to share valuable information with medical professionals. This data-driven approach empowers healthcare providers, pediatricians, and lactation consultants to make well-informed decisions about infant health and nutrition. The seamless integration of technology and medical insights is paving the way for a more proactive and precise approach to managing infant allergies.

In conclusion,

Free to Feed is empowering parents and healthcare professionals with a groundbreaking solution to navigate infant food allergies and intolerances. By providing real-time allergen detection and comprehensive data analysis, this biotech startup is reshaping the way we approach infant health. With Free to Feed, breastfeeding mothers can confidently provide the best nutrition for their little ones while staying ahead in the journey of parenthood. Join the movement and embrace the future of infant health with Free to Feed.

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