Startup Showcase: Harmonize – Simplifying Remote Care for Patients in Need

As the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of remote healthcare has never been more critical. However, many patients struggle with the complexity of technology and require significant support to navigate it effectively. Harmonize is a California-based startup that is addressing this issue by offering a remote care platform that simplifies technology implementation and clinical triage.

Harmonize’s mission is to improve remote care for patients in need, particularly those who suffer from multiple comorbidities and are unfamiliar with technology. The company’s platform provides a patient interface that gathers both high-tech and high-touch inputs, while its medical platform guides staff through triage and intervention routing at scale.

Reducing Overhead and Increasing Patient Engagement

One of the key advantages of the Harmonize platform is its ability to reduce potential overhead by more than 90%, making remote care more accessible and affordable for patients. In addition, the platform is designed to increase patient engagement, including patient adherence rates, information triage workload reduction, and healthcare utilization cost reduction.

Revolutionizing Remote Healthcare

Harmonize is revolutionizing remote healthcare by simplifying technology implementation and clinical triage. The platform’s unique patient interface allows patients to engage with their healthcare providers in a way that is comfortable and intuitive for them. The medical platform guides staff through triage and intervention routing, making it easier to provide quality care at scale.


In conclusion, Harmonize is an innovative startup that is revolutionizing remote care for patients in need. The platform simplifies technology implementation and clinical triage, making remote healthcare more accessible, affordable, and efficient. Harmonize’s unique patient interface and medical platform have won it praise from patients and healthcare providers alike, and the startup is poised for even greater success in the years ahead.

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