Startup Showcase: HiiROC – Producing Zero-Emission Hydrogen from Natural Gas

Pioneering a new approach to hydrogen production while reducing carbon emissions

As the world seeks to transition to renewable energy, hydrogen is emerging as a promising alternative to fossil fuels. Hydrogen is a clean, versatile, and efficient energy carrier that can be used in fuel cells, transportation, and power generation. However, the traditional methods of producing hydrogen are not environmentally friendly, as they involve the emission of CO2, a potent greenhouse gas. That’s where HiiROC comes in – a UK-based startup that produces hydrogen from natural gas, biomethane, and flare gas, without any CO2 emissions.

Introducing HiiROC

HiiROC is a cutting-edge industrial company that specializes in hydrogen production using a proprietary technology that enables zero-emission, low-cost, and energy-efficient production. The company’s technology relies on a new approach to methane cracking that produces solid carbon instead of CO2 emissions, which means that it does not contribute to global warming. By harnessing the power of biomethane, flare gas, or natural gas, HiiROC can produce hydrogen at a cost comparable to steam methane reforming (SMR) – the traditional method of hydrogen production – but without the emissions.

How HiiROC Works

HiiROC’s technology is based on a two-stage process that involves converting the natural gas into a solid carbon material called carbon black, which is used in various industrial applications, and then using that carbon black to produce hydrogen. The first stage of the process involves the pyrolysis of the natural gas to produce a solid carbon material that can be used in place of traditional carbon black. This solid carbon material is a valuable byproduct of the HiiROC process that can be sold to other industries.

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The second stage of the process involves using the solid carbon material to produce hydrogen through a process called gasification. This process involves reacting the carbon black with steam at high temperatures to produce a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, which is then separated using a membrane. The result is pure hydrogen that can be used in various applications.

Benefits of HiiROC’s Technology

HiiROC’s technology has several advantages over traditional hydrogen production methods. Firstly, it produces hydrogen without any CO2 emissions, which is a significant benefit for the environment. Secondly, it uses one-fifth of the energy required by water electrolysis, making it a more energy-efficient option. Thirdly, it produces a valuable byproduct in the form of carbon black, which can replace the carbon black produced by the existing high-emission/pollution oil furnace production method.


HiiROC is a startup that is making significant strides in the hydrogen production industry. With its zero-emission, low-cost, and energy-efficient technology, HiiROC is well-positioned to help the world transition to renewable energy. By producing hydrogen from natural gas, biomethane, and flare gas without any CO2 emissions, HiiROC is helping to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.




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