Startup Showcase: Loopworm Revolutionizes Sustainable Protein Production for Fisheries and Poultry Farms

Unleashing the Power of Insects and Food Waste

Startup Showcase: Loopworm, a Game-Changer in Sustainable Protein Production In today’s rapidly evolving world, sustainable solutions are at the forefront of innovation. Meet Loopworm, a Bangalore-based startup that is revolutionizing the way fisheries and poultry farms obtain protein for their animals. By harnessing the potential of insects and food waste, Loopworm has developed a groundbreaking technology that not only provides a protein-rich diet for animals but also helps in waste management and promotes eco-friendly farming practices. Let’s delve into the captivating journey of Loopworm and discover how this startup is making waves in the agricultural industry.

Sustainable Solutions for a Greener Future:

Loopworm’s vision is to create a more sustainable future by addressing the critical challenges faced by fisheries and poultry farms. Their innovative technology utilizes food waste as a valuable resource, providing a nourishing diet for the insects they breed. These insects, in turn, serve as a protein source for the livestock. This closed-loop system ensures that food waste is efficiently utilized while minimizing the environmental impact associated with traditional protein production methods.

Extraction of Nutrients from Food Waste:

One of the key components of Loopworm’s technology platform is the extraction of nutrients from food waste. By efficiently converting organic waste into larval biomass, Loopworm tackles two significant issues simultaneously. It reduces the amount of food waste destined for landfills, curbing methane emissions, and transforms it into a nutrient-rich source for insect cultivation. This innovative approach not only benefits fisheries and poultry farms but also contributes to the overall reduction of waste in the food production cycle.

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Creating a Thriving Ecosystem:

Loopworm’s larvae are not only a sustainable protein source but also act as natural fertilizers. As they consume food waste, they produce nutrient-rich waste, known as frass, which enriches the soil and creates a fertile ecosystem for plants. By adopting Loopworm’s solution, farmers can reduce their reliance on chemical fertilizers, thereby promoting soil health and sustainability in agricultural practices. This harmonious relationship between the insect cultivation process and soil fertility allows for a holistic approach to farming.

Founders’ Vision and Bangalore’s Innovation Hub:

Loopworm was founded in 2019 by Ankit Bagaria and Abhi Gawri, who recognized the urgent need for sustainable protein production methods. Inspired by the vast potential of insects and driven by their shared passion for environmental conservation, they embarked on a journey to revolutionize the agricultural industry. Based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Loopworm thrives within the city’s vibrant startup ecosystem, leveraging the abundance of resources and support available to innovative entrepreneurs.

Embracing a Circular Economy:

Loopworm’s impact extends beyond the immediate benefits to fisheries and poultry farms. By transforming food waste into protein and fertilizer, Loopworm actively contributes to the development of a circular economy. The utilization of waste as a resource not only reduces the strain on traditional protein production systems but also promotes a more sustainable and efficient use of resources. Loopworm is a shining example of how startups can disrupt industries and create positive change for the planet.


Loopworm is at the forefront of sustainable protein production, offering an innovative solution to the challenges faced by fisheries and poultry farms. Their technology platform, which harnesses the potential of insects and food waste, presents a compelling alternative to conventional protein sources. By simultaneously addressing waste management, soil health, and the production of nutritious animal feed, Loopworm is transforming the way we approach agriculture. This Bangalore-based startup exemplifies the power of innovation in building a more sustainable future.

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