Startup Showcase: Lumafield – Revolutionizing Product Development with Accessible X-Ray CT

Lumafield is a Cambridge-based startup that is disrupting the world of product development and manufacturing by providing engineers with an accessible X-ray CT platform that offers them better insights into their work. The company’s Neptune CT scanner and Voyager cloud-based analysis software are giving engineers visual and quantitative insights into their products, enabling them to create better products, save time on development cycles, and take control of their supply chains. In this showcase, we’ll take a closer look at Lumafield and its groundbreaking technology.

Revolutionizing Product Development with Accessible X-Ray CT

When it comes to product development, engineers rely heavily on physical prototypes to get a better understanding of their designs. However, traditional prototyping methods can be expensive, time-consuming, and limited in their ability to provide insights into complex products. Lumafield’s Neptune CT scanner changes all that. By using X-rays to scan products, the scanner generates detailed 3D images of the products’ internal structures. These images offer engineers unprecedented visibility into their products, enabling them to identify design flaws, manufacturing defects, and other issues that can impact product performance and quality.

Additionally, the Voyager cloud-based analysis software makes it easy for engineers to analyze the images generated by the scanner. The software uses AI-driven tools to highlight potential problems, generate quantitative data, and even suggest solutions to engineering problems. This means that engineers can make better decisions about their products, reduce the risk of defects, and save time on development cycles.

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Creating Better Products and Saving Time on Development Cycles

With Lumafield’s accessible X-ray CT platform, engineers can get a better understanding of their products and identify potential issues earlier in the development cycle. This means that they can create better products and reduce the need for costly redesigns and retesting. In addition, the platform can help engineers save time by enabling them to identify issues more quickly, which can speed up the development process and reduce time-to-market.

Taking Control of Supply Chains

Lumafield’s technology isn’t just about creating better products and saving time on development cycles. It can also help companies take control of their supply chains. By identifying potential manufacturing defects and other issues early on, companies can avoid costly delays and disruptions in their supply chains. This can be particularly important for companies that rely on complex, high-value products, such as those in the aerospace, automotive, and medical device industries.


Lumafield’s accessible X-ray CT platform is revolutionizing product development and manufacturing. By offering engineers unprecedented visibility into their products, as well as AI-driven tools that highlight problems and generate quantitative data, Lumafield is changing the way complex products are created, manufactured, and used across industries. If you’re an engineer looking to create better products, or a company looking to take control of your supply chain, Lumafield’s technology is definitely worth checking out.





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