Startup Showcase: Maji – Empowering Financial Wellbeing for All

Revolutionizing Money Management for a Secure Future


In today’s fast-paced world, financial wellbeing is a critical aspect of leading a happy and fulfilling life. Unfortunately, many people struggle with managing their finances effectively and lack the necessary resources and support to make informed decisions. That’s where Maji comes in. Maji is an innovative startup based in London, England, that aims to revolutionize money management and improve financial outcomes through education and behavior change. With a mission to build a financially secure future for everyone, Maji is transforming the way individuals, employers, and pension providers approach financial wellbeing.

Empowering Individuals through Personalized Solutions

At the core of Maji’s platform is the understanding that financial worries impact individuals from all walks of life. Maji’s powerful diagnostics analyze users’ financial challenges, goals, and opportunities, providing personalized education, coaching, and advice. By matching users with tailored resources, Maji empowers individuals to actively reduce money worries and build a better financial future. Through engaging tools and intuitive interfaces, Maji helps users gain control over their finances, leading to increased confidence and improved financial wellbeing.

Enhancing Employee Financial Wellbeing

Maji recognizes that employers play a vital role in supporting their employees’ financial wellbeing. With Maji’s platform, employers can track, benchmark, and improve the financial health of their workforce. By gaining valuable insights and data, companies can shape their employee benefit and wellbeing strategies to provide targeted support where it is most needed. Maji leverages the latest behavioral science to drive uptake of existing employee benefits and connects each employee to the most relevant options. Additionally, Maji offers specific coaching to help employees engage with their pensions and take advantage of salary sacrifice schemes, maximizing their financial potential.

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Transforming Pension Provider Engagement

Pension providers face the challenge of low member engagement and a lack of proactive retirement planning. Maji aims to revolutionize the pension landscape by increasing member engagement and empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their retirement savings. Through market-leading, multi-format education and coaching, Maji encourages members to save at recommended rates and consolidates their pensions, simplifying the retirement planning process. By delivering more informed members, richer data, and increased funds in pension pots, Maji helps pension providers better serve their members’ long-term financial goals.


Maji is at the forefront of the financial wellbeing revolution, offering a comprehensive platform that addresses the financial challenges faced by individuals, employers, and pension providers. By providing personalized solutions, educational resources, and behavior change tools, Maji empowers individuals to take control of their finances and build a more secure future. Through data-driven insights and targeted coaching, Maji supports employers in improving the financial wellbeing of their workforce, enhancing employee satisfaction and productivity. Similarly, Maji transforms the pension industry by increasing member engagement and helping pension providers deliver better outcomes for their clients.



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