Startup Showcase: MatchLog – Revolutionizing Supply Chain Efficiency and Sustainability

Welcome to, where we showcase the most innovative and impactful startups from around the world. In this edition, we bring you an exciting startup that is revolutionizing the supply chain industry and tackling the issue of wastage head-on. MatchLog, a Mumbai-based company, is optimizing cargo, equipment, and transport routes to minimize inefficiencies and reduce carbon emissions. Join us as we delve into the groundbreaking solutions offered by MatchLog and how they are transforming the logistics landscape.

Driving Efficiency with Technology

In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency is key to success. MatchLog understands this well and has developed a proprietary Transport Management System (TMS) to streamline the supply chain process. By utilizing advanced algorithms and data analytics, MatchLog provides real-time visibility and insights into cargo movement, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and improve operational efficiency. With MatchLog’s TMS, companies can identify optimal routes, reduce transit times, and eliminate empty or underutilized trucks, thus maximizing resource utilization.

Addressing Environmental Concerns

MatchLog recognizes the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainability in the logistics industry. The company’s vision is to eliminate dry runs, where trucks travel empty or with insufficient cargo, resulting in unnecessary fuel consumption and increased carbon footprint. By optimizing cargo movement and minimizing wastage, MatchLog significantly reduces carbon emissions associated with transportation. Through their innovative solutions, they are actively working towards a greener future for the supply chain industry.

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The Power of Network Points and MiSTY

MatchLog leverages the power of network points to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. By strategically establishing network points at key locations, MatchLog enables seamless cargo movement and facilitates quicker deliveries. This network-based approach allows for better coordination and collaboration among stakeholders, resulting in improved supply chain performance.

Additionally, MatchLog’s integrated Street Turn Yard (MiSTY) solution further optimizes the supply chain process. MiSTY provides a platform for companies to connect and exchange unused or underutilized cargo space, thereby minimizing wastage and increasing resource utilization. Through this unique offering, MatchLog fosters collaboration and sustainability within the industry.

A Best-in-Class Multi-Modal Marketplace

MatchLog is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for the entire supply chain ecosystem. With their best-in-class Multi-Modal Marketplace, they offer a centralized platform where businesses can connect with trusted carriers, brokers, and logistics service providers. This marketplace simplifies the procurement process, promotes transparency, and empowers companies to choose the most suitable partners for their transportation needs. By integrating multiple modes of transportation, including road, rail, and sea, MatchLog ensures seamless end-to-end logistics operations.


MatchLog is revolutionizing the supply chain industry with its innovative approach to optimizing cargo, equipment, and transport routes. By leveraging advanced technology and network-based strategies, MatchLog enhances operational efficiency, reduces carbon emissions, and minimizes wastage. With their Transport Management System (TMS), integrated Street Turn Yard (MiSTY), and best-in-class Multi-Modal Marketplace, MatchLog is reshaping the future of logistics.





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