Startup Showcase: O7 Therapy – Revolutionizing Access to Mental Health Services

Empowering Arabic-speaking individuals on their mental wellness journey


In a world where mental health is gaining recognition as a crucial aspect of overall well-being, O7 Therapy is taking the lead in revolutionizing access to mental health services. Through their innovative digital platform and mobile app, O7 Therapy offers online therapy, psycho-educational resources, and corporate wellness programs, empowering Arabic-speaking individuals to prioritize their mental wellness. With cutting-edge AI technology and an engaging user experience, O7 Therapy is transforming the way mental health support is delivered. This startup showcase sheds light on how O7 Therapy is making a difference in the field of mental health services.

Empowering Mental Wellness Through Technology

O7 Therapy recognizes the limitations and barriers that many individuals face when seeking mental health support. Traditional therapy can be expensive, time-consuming, and often inaccessible. This startup aims to bridge the gap by leveraging technology to deliver high-quality mental health services directly to people’s fingertips. By providing therapy through a digital platform and mobile app, O7 Therapy ensures that individuals can access professional help whenever and wherever they need it.

Creating an Engaging User Experience

One of the key strengths of O7 Therapy lies in its commitment to creating an engaging user experience. The platform utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to personalize the therapy journey for each individual, ensuring that their specific needs and preferences are met. Through interactive features and intuitive design, O7 Therapy fosters a sense of connection and trust between users and their therapists. This approach not only enhances the effectiveness of therapy but also promotes user engagement and overall satisfaction.

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Corporate Wellness Programs for Mental Health at Work

Recognizing the significant impact of mental health challenges in the workplace, O7 Therapy extends its services through a unique B2B2E model. They offer Employee Wellness Programs designed to address mental health issues within organizations. By prioritizing awareness and understanding, reducing stigma and shame, and creating safe and supportive spaces, O7 Therapy supports companies in promoting mental wellbeing among their employees. Through customized strategies and evidence-based interventions, they help organizations foster a healthier work environment and enhance employee productivity and satisfaction.


O7 Therapy is at the forefront of transforming mental health services in the Arabic-speaking world. Through their digital platform and mobile app, they empower individuals to embark on their mental wellness journey with ease and convenience. By leveraging AI technology and creating an engaging user experience, O7 Therapy ensures that therapy is effective, personalized, and accessible to all. Furthermore, their focus on corporate wellness programs highlights their commitment to addressing mental health challenges in the workplace. As O7 Therapy continues to make strides in revolutionizing mental health services, they are paving the way for a brighter future for mental health in the Arabic-speaking community.




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