Startup Showcase: Obstetrx – Revolutionizing Maternal Healthcare with Innovative Uterine Tamponade Device

Welcome to, where we present you with cutting-edge startups that are making a significant impact on various industries. In this edition, we bring you Obstetrx, a game-changing company that aims to eliminate maternal death and disability caused by postpartum hemorrhage. Obstetrx is revolutionizing maternal healthcare with its innovative uterine tamponade device, inspired by combat medicine technology. Let’s delve deeper into this remarkable startup and its quest to address a global issue in women’s health.

Revolutionizing Maternal Healthcare

Obstetrx is on a mission to tackle one of the most pressing challenges in women’s health – postpartum hemorrhage. The condition refers to severe bleeding after childbirth, which can lead to life-threatening complications for new mothers. With their pioneering uterine tamponade device, Obstetrx seeks to provide a timely and effective solution to this critical issue, saving countless lives and preventing disabilities.

A Story of Inspiration

The roots of Obstetrx can be traced back to 2014 when RevMedx, Inc. collaborated with the US military to develop the XSTAT® hemorrhage-control device, intended to staunch severe bleeding from non-compressible wounds on the battlefield. Recognizing the striking resemblance between postpartum hemorrhage and traumatic battlefield bleeding, the team was inspired to adapt the combat medicine technology for an obstetric application.

From Research to Reality

Partnering with a team from Oregon Health & Science University, Obstetrx embarked on early-stage research and development, bolstered by a Saving Lives at Birth Grand Challenge grant. Their efforts culminated in a successful pre-clinical proof-of-concept study. Subsequently, in 2019, a pilot clinical trial was conducted in Zambia, marking a significant milestone for the company.

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The Obstetrx Vision

At its core, Obstetrx envisions a world where no mother succumbs to postpartum hemorrhage, and every new life begins with the promise of a healthy future. With their innovative uterine tamponade device, they aim to provide a reliable and accessible solution to healthcare providers worldwide, significantly reducing maternal mortality rates.

Privately-held Company with a Global Reach

Headquartered in Wilsonville, Oregon, Obstetrx is a privately-held company driven by a passionate team of professionals committed to transforming maternal healthcare. While they are currently focused on securing regulatory clearance in the US and across the globe, their long-term vision extends far beyond borders, aiming to positively impact communities worldwide.


Obstetrx stands at the forefront of revolutionizing maternal healthcare with its groundbreaking uterine tamponade device. By adapting combat medicine technology to address postpartum hemorrhage, this startup has demonstrated its commitment to women’s health and maternal well-being. With ongoing efforts towards regulatory clearance and global commercialization, Obstetrx is set to redefine the landscape of maternal care and make a lasting difference in the lives of countless mothers.


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