Startup Showcase: Occtoo – Revolutionizing Digital Experiences for Brands

Enhancing Efficiency and Personalization with Occtoo's Experience Data Platform

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses strive to deliver exceptional customer experiences while maintaining efficiency and personalization. Occtoo, an Experience Data Platform (SaaS) based in Malmö, Sweden, is leading the charge with its innovative solutions. In this startup showcase, we explore how Occtoo empowers digital teams at retailers and brands to build applications and digital experiences faster, leveraging the power of enterprise data. Join us as we delve into the realm of seamless customer experiences and explore the game-changing capabilities of Occtoo.

Unleashing the Power of Experience Data

With Occtoo, digital teams gain instant access to all their customer experience (CX) data from one centralized platform. Gone are the days of time-consuming and costly integrations. Occtoo simplifies the process by seamlessly turning enterprise data into experience data, facilitating smoother workflows and accelerated development. This revolutionary technology empowers digital teams to effortlessly match the right content with the right customer, paving the way for unparalleled personalization.

Efficiency at Its Finest: Streamlined Publishing and Real-time Data Collection

Occtoo’s Experience Data Platform offers a unique advantage – the ability to create APIs with a single click. This feature enables digital teams to swiftly publish and collect data in real-time across a multitude of devices, touch points, and channels. By eliminating complexities and bottlenecks in the data collection process, Occtoo empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions swiftly and with precision. From websites to mobile apps, social media to in-store experiences, Occtoo provides the foundation for a cohesive and immersive customer journey.

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Industry Pioneers Embrace Occtoo’s Technology

The transformative capabilities of Occtoo’s Experience Data Platform have not gone unnoticed. Leading brands such as Cartier, Intersport, Fjällräven, and Filippa K have already harnessed the power of Occtoo to elevate their digital experiences. By leveraging Occtoo’s robust platform, these industry pioneers have gained a competitive edge, delivering personalized, targeted experiences that resonate with their customers. Occtoo’s ability to bridge the gap between data and experience has become a driving force behind the success of these forward-thinking brands.

Embrace the Future with Occtoo

In a world where customer experience is king, Occtoo’s Experience Data Platform reigns supreme. By empowering digital teams to harness the potential of their enterprise data, Occtoo enables businesses to build digital experiences and applications faster than ever before. With its seamless integration capabilities, streamlined publishing process, and real-time data collection, Occtoo has become the go-to solution for brands seeking to revolutionize their digital presence. Stay ahead of the competition and unlock the full potential of your customer experience with Occtoo.




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