Startup Showcase: Odds Scanner – Revolutionizing iGaming Marketing with Technology and Engaging Content

Unveiling the Future of iGaming Marketing Solutions


Welcome to, where we showcase the most innovative startups from around the globe. In this edition, we present Odds Scanner, a game-changer in the world of iGaming marketing. Join us as we dive into the fascinating journey of Odds Scanner, a company that combines technology and engaging content to deliver exceptional player acquisition and retention solutions.

The Birth of Odds Scanner: Empowering iGaming Markets

Odds Scanner, originally founded in 2019 as Costa Media, emerged from the vision of three ambitious Portuguese entrepreneurs. Armed with extensive experience in marketing and iGaming, they set out to revolutionize the industry by creating unique channels for player acquisition and engagement.

The Fusion of Technology and Content: Driving Long-Term Results

With a comprehensive understanding of media buying, PPC, SEO, content creation, and technology, Odds Scanner has swiftly established itself as a global company and one of the fastest-growing iGaming marketing brands, particularly in Brazil. The company’s core focus is to generate long-term results for partners by leveraging their expertise in technology-driven solutions.

Targeting Global Markets: Acquiring and Retaining Players with Precision

Odds Scanner strategically targets Portuguese, Spanish, and English-speaking markets, aiming to become a leading force in the global iGaming industry. By harnessing technology and developing engaging content, the company provides innovative acquisition and retention solutions to their partners worldwide.

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Innovation at the Core: Odds Scanner’s Competitive Edge

At the heart of Odds Scanner’s success lies their commitment to innovation. By continuously pushing the boundaries of technology and marketing, the company stays ahead of the curve, ensuring their partners receive cutting-edge solutions. From advanced data analytics to predictive modeling, Odds Scanner offers unparalleled insights and tailored strategies.


Shaping the Future of iGaming Marketing

Odds Scanner has carved a unique path in the iGaming marketing industry, blending technology and content to deliver extraordinary results. With their relentless pursuit of innovation and a global vision, Odds Scanner is set to redefine the landscape of player acquisition and retention. By bridging the gap between technology and engaging content, the company is transforming the way iGaming brands connect with their target audience.


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