Startup Showcase: Raylo – Revolutionizing the way we use and dispose of mobile devices

Sustainable, affordable, and hassle-free phone, tablet, and laptop leasing for the eco-conscious generation.

London-based Raylo is a smartphone subscription startup that aims to provide a sustainable solution for the tech industry. With the aim to make mobile simple, smart, and more sustainable, Raylo has created a platform that allows users to gain access to the latest products through a monthly subscription that is cost-effective and eco-friendly. The company’s innovative circular process is changing the way people think about their mobile devices, making it easy for customers to upgrade to newer devices while promoting sustainable practices in the tech industry.

Affordable, sustainable, and hassle-free phone, tablet, and laptop leasing

Raylo provides leases for phones, tablets, and laptops to customers, which are not only affordable but also sustainable. Customers can choose their preferred device and subscription plan, and pay a monthly fee, which includes insurance and upgrades. Once customers are ready to upgrade, they return their old products, which are then refurbished and re-sold in Raylo’s circular process for maximum lifespan and sustainability.

Raylo’s circular process promotes sustainability in the tech industry

Raylo’s innovative circular process is designed to maximize the lifespan of mobile devices and reduce electronic waste. The process involves taking back old devices, refurbishing them, and reselling them to new customers. This not only helps customers to upgrade their devices at an affordable cost but also promotes sustainable practices in the tech industry by reducing electronic waste.

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Raylo’s mission to reduce electronic waste is not just about the company’s circular process. The company is also committed to offsetting its carbon footprint by partnering with reforestation organizations. Raylo plants a tree for every device it leases, which helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the tech industry.

Retailer pipeline spanning several categories, including consumer electronics

Raylo has a strong retailer pipeline that spans several categories, including consumer electronics. The company’s partnerships with major retailers and distributors enable it to offer a wide range of devices to its customers. This ensures that customers have access to the latest devices from top brands, including Apple, Samsung, and Google.


Raylo’s innovative approach to phone, tablet, and laptop leasing is changing the way we think about mobile devices. By promoting sustainable practices in the tech industry and reducing electronic waste, Raylo is making a significant impact on the environment. With its affordable, sustainable, and hassle-free leasing options, Raylo is an excellent choice for eco-conscious customers who want to stay up-to-date with the latest mobile technology.





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