Startup Showcase: Samp – Revolutionizing Digital Twin Technology for Industrial Efficiency


Welcome to, where we bring you the most innovative and disruptive startups from around the world. In this Startup Showcase, we’re thrilled to introduce Samp, a cutting-edge company based in Paris, Ile-de-France, France. Samp is transforming the industrial landscape with their advanced software that consolidates technical information into Digital Twins, revolutionizing the way stakeholders interact with complex infrastructure. Join us as we delve into the world of Samp and explore how they are reshaping industries through their groundbreaking technology.

Unleashing the Power of Digital Twins

Digital Twins have emerged as a game-changing technology, allowing businesses to create virtual replicas of physical assets, systems, or processes. Samp is at the forefront of this revolution, developing software that automates the creation and updating of intelligent 3D models known as Digital Twins. By leveraging the only reliable source of information, the field, Samp’s software delivers accurate and comprehensive insights to all stakeholders involved.

Digital Twin as a Service: Empowering Collaboration

Samp’s flagship product, Digital Twin as a Service, combines machine learning with 3D laser scans and technical data from multiple sources. This innovative solution collates and processes vast amounts of information, transforming it into a fully accurate 3D representation, or Digital Twin. This intelligent model serves as a web portal, becoming a one-stop-shop for all players involved in the lifecycle of complex infrastructure projects.

By providing a centralized platform for collaboration, Samp’s Digital Twin as a Service enhances communication, coordination, and decision-making among stakeholders. Engineers, architects, project managers, and maintenance crews can access real-time information, perform simulations, and gain valuable insights, ultimately leading to improved efficiency and reduced costs.

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As-Built Automatic Verification: Ensuring Precision and Quality

In addition to Digital Twin as a Service, Samp offers an As-Built automatic verification service, designed to ensure precision and quality during construction projects. Leveraging advanced geometrical and topological algorithms, Samp’s solution automatically compares 3D laser scans with existing 3D CAD models, identifying and highlighting any differences that require attention. This meticulous verification process saves time and minimizes errors, enabling swift corrective action and ensuring projects adhere to the highest standards of accuracy.

Founders Driving Innovation

Samp’s success story is driven by its visionary founders, Laurent Bourgouin and Shivani Shah. With their combined expertise in software development and engineering, they identified the untapped potential of Digital Twins and set out to revolutionize the industry. Since its establishment in 2019, Samp has grown rapidly, attracting top talent and forging strategic partnerships to further enhance its offerings.

As Samp continues to expand its presence globally, the company remains committed to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional value to its clients. With a strong focus on research and development, Samp aims to remain at the forefront of the digital transformation sweeping across industries worldwide.

Pioneering the Future of Industry

Samp’s innovative software and cutting-edge technology are reshaping the industrial landscape, making complex infrastructure projects more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable. By consolidating technical information into intelligent Digital Twins, Samp empowers stakeholders, streamlines collaboration, and ensures the precision and quality of construction projects.



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