Startup Showcase: ShiftMed Revolutionizes Nursing Job Market

Empowering Nurses and Transforming Healthcare Workforce Management

Welcome to this edition of’ Startup Showcase, where we put the spotlight on groundbreaking startups that are disrupting their industries. Today, we’re featuring ShiftMed, a cutting-edge nursing jobs app that is revolutionizing the way nursing professionals and healthcare providers connect.

A New Era in Nursing Job Marketplaces

ShiftMed is an on-demand workforce marketplace designed specifically for credentialed nursing professionals. With over 350,000 credentialed W-2 healthcare workers in their local marketplace, ShiftMed offers an unparalleled platform that connects nurses and healthcare providers seamlessly. Based in Mclean, Virginia, this startup is transforming the way nursing professionals find work and healthcare providers manage their resources.

Dynamic Workforce Management

Healthcare providers are increasingly seeking ways to optimize their workforce, reduce costs, and improve retention. ShiftMed’s automated workforce management platform allows acute, post-acute, and in-home care providers to manage their resources dynamically. By leveraging mobile and cloud-based software, healthcare providers can offer a modern, unified solution that empowers their nursing staff, creating part-time work opportunities and reducing reliance on travel agencies.

Cost-Effective Staffing Solutions

ShiftMed is more than just a nursing jobs app – it’s a platform that helps healthcare providers lower their operating costs. By providing access to additional local staff, ShiftMed has proven to reduce operating costs by 30-40% when compared to traditional travel staffing options. This cost reduction benefits both healthcare providers and nursing professionals, as it creates more job opportunities and fosters a more efficient healthcare ecosystem.

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A Bright Future for ShiftMed

As the demand for qualified nursing professionals continues to grow, ShiftMed is poised to become the go-to platform for both nurses and healthcare providers. With their innovative approach to workforce management and cost reduction, ShiftMed is poised to make a lasting impact on the healthcare industry.

Interested in learning more about ShiftMed? Check out their website and social media channels below:





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