Startup Showcase: Space Submicron Electronic – Pioneering Microelectronic Marvels

Welcome to another edition of, where we bring you the freshest and most groundbreaking startups from around the world. In this showcase, we turn our spotlight towards Space Submicron Electronic (2SE), a Spanish startup that is rewriting the rulebook of integrated microelectronic circuits. Join us as we delve into the intricate world of 2SE and explore how they are transforming industries with their cutting-edge technologies.

Unraveling the Microscopic Wonders of Space Submicron Electronic

At the heart of Seville, Spain, lies a powerhouse of innovation – Space Submicron Electronic (2SE). This startup has taken the lead in designing, developing, and producing integrated microelectronic circuits using state-of-the-art sub-micron CMOS technology. With an unquenchable thirst for advancement, 2SE is turning ordinary electronic components into extraordinary works of engineering prowess.

A Glimpse into 2SE’s Microcosm of Excellence

At its core, 2SE is more than a startup – it’s a revolution. Specializing in the aerospace, defense, industrial, and automotive sectors, the company’s microelectronic circuits are driving progress in unimaginable ways. Their dedicated team of professionals boasts a wealth of experience, amplifying their capabilities in developing mixed signal processing systems. These systems encompass analog-digital and digital-analog interfaces, along with cutting-edge application-specific integrated systems (ASICs).

Journey to the Stars: 2SE’s Odyssey in Aerospace Innovation

One of 2SE’s most ambitious endeavors is their investment in the development of advanced A/D converters and the production of complex mixed-signal systems for on-board aerospace applications. This initiative is shaping the future of space technology, opening doors to enhanced exploration, communication, and data processing. What’s even more impressive is their collaborative approach – 2SE is seamlessly partnering with universities and research institutions, fostering an environment of shared knowledge and accelerated progress.

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Engineering the Future: Collaborations and Beyond

2SE’s journey isn’t solitary; it’s a collaborative symphony. Their alliances with universities and research institutions underline their commitment to pushing the envelope of possibility. These partnerships are the bedrock upon which 2SE stands, fostering an ecosystem where innovation flourishes, and breakthroughs are a daily occurrence.

In the rapidly evolving world of microelectronics, Space Submicron Electronic is setting the benchmark for excellence. Their determination to break boundaries, reimagine possibilities, and collaborate relentlessly has positioned them at the forefront of innovation. As they continue to unravel the secrets of sub-micron CMOS technology, industries are bracing themselves for transformative change.


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