Startup Showcase: Syntonym – Unlocking Privacy-Protected Digital Engagement

Revolutionizing Privacy in Autonomous Mobility and Video Surveillance


In today’s digital age, privacy has become a paramount concern. Companies worldwide are seeking innovative solutions that can strike a balance between privacy protection and utility. Syntonym, a London-based startup, has emerged as a pioneer in generating hyper-realistic synthetic faces in real time, while maximizing privacy protection. In this startup showcase, we delve into the groundbreaking work of Syntonym and how they are reshaping the future of data collection and privacy.

Privacy-Enabled Autonomous Mobility:

Syntonym has successfully resolved the long-standing dilemma between privacy and utility in the field of autonomous mobility. With the rapid advancement of self-driving vehicles, ensuring the safety and awareness of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians has become a critical concern. Syntonym’s cutting-edge technology preserves facial metrics, such as head pose, facial expressions, and eye movements, enabling accurate assessment of individuals’ awareness. By anonymizing camera data in real time, Syntonym ensures compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations while enhancing safety on the roads.

Addressing Privacy Concerns in Video Surveillance

Video surveillance plays a vital role in maintaining security in public spaces, but it often raises privacy concerns. Syntonym recognizes the need to strike a balance between effective surveillance and respecting individual privacy. By providing lossless camera data anonymization, Syntonym empowers businesses and organizations to gather crucial surveillance data without compromising individuals’ privacy rights. This innovative approach ensures that video surveillance can be performed responsibly and ethically, making Syntonym a leader in privacy-focused solutions.

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Democratizing Data Collection through Circular and Compliant Practices:

Syntonym is committed to developing sustainable and reliable AI solutions that prioritize privacy. They are driving the democratization of data collection by promoting circular and compliant data sharing practices. Syntonym’s platform allows organizations to share data while adhering to privacy regulations, thus fostering trust and collaboration in data-driven industries. By setting a new standard for privacy-conscious data collection, Syntonym empowers businesses to harness the power of data while respecting individual privacy rights.

The Future of Privacy-Preserving Synthetic Face Generation:

Syntonym has achieved a remarkable feat by reducing computation requirements to generate hyper-realistic faces in real time. This breakthrough technology unlocks the potential for privacy-protected digital engagement across multiple platforms. By ensuring fast and stable performance on end-user devices, such as mobile and desktop, Syntonym aims to make privacy-preserving synthetic face generation accessible to all. The ability to engage in digital experiences without compromising privacy is a game-changer in various industries, including entertainment, advertising, and social media.


Syntonym is revolutionizing the way we approach privacy in an increasingly interconnected world. By developing cutting-edge technology that generates hyper-realistic synthetic faces in real time, Syntonym is leading the charge in privacy protection for autonomous mobility and video surveillance. Their commitment to sustainable and compliant data sharing practices sets a new standard in the industry. As Syntonym continues to unlock privacy-protected digital engagement for end-users, we can expect to see a future where privacy and utility coexist harmoniously.




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