Startup Showcase: Tudu – Revolutionizing Retail with On-Demand Mass Customization


Welcome to, where we bring you the latest and most innovative startups that are reshaping industries around the world. In this startup showcase, we present Tudu, a game-changing company based in São Paulo, Brazil, that is disrupting the retail industry with its revolutionary approach to selling clothes and other consumer objects. With a focus on on-demand manufacturing and mass customization, Tudu is redefining how customers interact with retail, promising high-quality products, rapid delivery, and a more sustainable production process.

Changing the Game with On-Demand Manufacturing

Tudu has set out on a mission to revolutionize the traditional retail production chain. Unlike conventional approaches, Tudu does not follow the typical path of designing, manufacturing, and then hoping the products will sell. Instead, the company has embraced a disruptive model where they design, sell, and only then manufacture, ensuring that every product is tailored to meet customer preferences. This shift to on-demand manufacturing significantly reduces excess inventory and wastage, making retail more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Mass Customization: The Key to Customer Satisfaction

In the era of personalization, Tudu is taking a bold step towards making mass customization a reality. By offering customers an extensive range of clothes and designs to choose from, the company caters to individual tastes and preferences. This commitment to meeting customer demands fosters a strong bond between consumers and the brand, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Fast and High-Quality Delivery

One of the standout features of Tudu’s disruptive model is its lightning-fast delivery system. Customers in main areas can expect to receive their orders within the same day or up to 3 business days. This rapid turnaround time sets a new standard for the retail industry, giving Tudu a competitive edge in the market. Moreover, the company ensures that the products maintain a high standard of quality, further solidifying its reputation as a brand that customers can trust.

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Efficiency through Phooto’s Strengths

Tudu is backed by Phooto, a well-established company with over 7 years of experience and a remarkable track record of delivering more than 2 million orders. Drawing from Phooto’s extensive experience and state-of-the-art operations, Tudu has a strong foundation to build upon. Additionally, leveraging Phooto’s large mom’s customer base offers Tudu a ready-made market to tap into, facilitating a smooth entry into the retail landscape. Tudu’s on-demand approach is a testament to their adaptability and vision for the future of retail. By eliminating the need for excessive inventory and embracing mass customization, the company is leading the way towards a more sustainable and efficient retail ecosystem. Customers will undoubtedly benefit from a diverse range of personalized products delivered at lightning speed.


Tudu’s dedication to on-demand manufacturing and mass customization has set a new standard for the retail industry. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, rapid delivery, and sustainability is transforming the way we think about buying clothes and consumer objects. As we move further into the on-demand world, Tudu is undoubtedly

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