Startup Showcase: UserGems – AI-Powered Prospecting Solution for Revenue Teams

Are you struggling to find new prospects who are most likely to convert? Do you want to identify the right buyers at the right time and stay ahead of your competition? Look no further than UserGems, an AI-powered prospecting solution for revenue teams based in San Francisco, California.

UserGems combines relationship data and trigger events to identify buyers who are most likely to buy from you. By delivering these prospects to your sales reps, UserGems helps companies drive bigger pipeline, faster sales cycles, and larger deals. In this startup showcase, we’ll dive into how UserGems works and why it’s a must-have tool for any revenue team.

Automatically Surface New Prospects

One of the most powerful features of UserGems is its ability to automatically surface new prospects to your sales reps whenever your customers change jobs. This is critical because these customers are likely to be in a position to buy from you again, and your reps need to be in front of them before your competition is. With UserGems, your reps don’t have to spend hours researching these new prospects. Instead, they can focus on building relationships and closing deals. This saves your team time and resources while increasing your chances of winning new business.

Identify Prospects that Look Like Your Best Customers

Another key feature of UserGems is its ability to identify prospects that look exactly like your best customers. Using machine learning, UserGems analyzes your customer data to create a profile of your ideal customer. It then searches its database for prospects that match that profile, persona, and other key criteria. This means that you get a complete, up-to-date list of leads that are most likely to convert without requiring your reps to spend hours on research. This saves your team time and helps them focus on the prospects that are most likely to drive revenue for your business.

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Track Trigger Events to Identify High-Value Prospects

In addition to identifying new prospects and matching them to your ideal customer profile, UserGems also tracks trigger events that indicate a high likelihood of purchase. These trigger events can include things like job changes, company expansions, or funding rounds. By tracking these trigger events, UserGems can identify prospects that are highly likely to buy from you in the near future. This allows your reps to focus their efforts on the most promising leads and close deals faster.


UserGems is an essential tool for any revenue team that wants to drive bigger pipeline, faster sales cycles, and larger deals. By combining relationship data and trigger events to identify high-value prospects, UserGems helps your team stay ahead of the competition and win more business.

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