Startup Showcase: Valify Solutions

Unlocking Secure Digital Identity Solutions for Financial Institutions and E-commerce Platforms


In today’s digital world, ensuring secure and reliable digital identities is crucial for financial institutions and e-commerce platforms. Valify Solutions, a digital identity infrastructure technology company, is revolutionizing the way organizations verify and authenticate user identities. With their cutting-edge software, Valify provides seamless identity solutions, mitigating risks and enhancing security in the online landscape.

Valify’s Innovative Identity Solutions

Valify Solutions is at the forefront of developing tools that empower service providers to establish trust and security in the digital realm. By leveraging their digital identity infrastructure technology, Valify enables financial institutions and e-commerce platforms to digitally identify customers, remotely verify official documents, and extract information from valid data sources—all while maintaining the integrity and security of the process.

Valify’s Vision and Mission

At the core of Valify’s operations lies their vision of accelerating financial inclusion and economic growth. By enabling digital identity creation and ownership, Valify paves the way for individuals and organizations to securely participate in the digital economy. Through their innovative solutions, Valify aims to provide service providers with smart, configurable, and accessible tools to verify user identities, ultimately ensuring a seamless and secure registration experience for all stakeholders.

Driving Innovation from Cairo, Egypt

Founded in 2019 by Omar Abdelwahed and Ibrahim Eid, Valify Solutions has emerged as a leading player in the digital identity space. Headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, the company has strategically positioned itself to cater to the growing demand for secure identity solutions in the region and beyond. With their deep expertise and passion for innovation, the founders have steered Valify towards continuous growth and technological advancements.

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Embrace the Future with Valify Solutions

Valify Solutions is reshaping the landscape of digital identity infrastructure. By providing advanced identity solutions to financial institutions and e-commerce platforms, Valify is driving trust, security, and accessibility in the digital world. Join the revolution and experience the benefits of Valify’s innovative software to unlock a safer and more inclusive digital environment.





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