Startup Showcase: VYTAL – Revolutionizing To-Go Packaging with Reusable Packaging-as-a-Service

In today’s world, convenience and efficiency are key when it comes to food and drink consumption. However, the resulting single-use packaging waste from take-away and delivery is a major environmental concern, especially in Germany where it accounts for a significant portion of waste. That’s where VYTAL comes in, offering a smart and sustainable solution to this issue with their Reusable Packaging-as-a-Service model.


VYTAL is a German-based startup that aims to revolutionize the packaging industry by providing reusable To-Go packaging as a service to gastronomy clients and consumers. Their model is simple yet innovative: customers can purchase food or drink items in reusable packaging and return the containers at one of the many VYTAL drop-off locations or through their partners, such as cafes, restaurants, and delivery services. The packaging is then cleaned and sanitized before being reused, eliminating the need for single-use containers and reducing waste.

Sustainable Solution to a Growing Problem

According to VYTAL, the consumption of take-away, convenience, and delivery food and drinks in Germany is responsible for around 281 kilotons of single-use packaging waste for immediate consumption, with the volume expected to increase in the coming years. This waste not only incurs high economic costs but also poses a significant threat to the environment. By providing a sustainable alternative, VYTAL is addressing a critical need in the industry while also promoting environmental consciousness.

Innovative Technology

VYTAL’s business model is supported by their innovative technology, which enables the tracking and management of their reusable packaging. Each container is equipped with a smart RFID tag that allows for easy tracking and monitoring throughout the cleaning process. This technology ensures that the containers are always in good condition and ready for reuse, maintaining high standards of hygiene and safety.

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Expanding Partnerships

VYTAL has already partnered with numerous restaurants, cafes, and delivery services throughout Germany, with plans to expand globally in the near future. They offer a variety of packaging options, including coffee cups, snack boxes, and bowls, with customizable branding available for businesses that wish to promote their own logo or message on the packaging. Through these partnerships, VYTAL is creating a sustainable ecosystem that benefits both the environment and the businesses that use their service.


VYTAL is a prime example of a startup that is committed to creating a positive impact on society and the environment through innovation and technology. Their Reusable Packaging-as-a-Service model offers a practical and sustainable solution to the growing problem of single-use packaging waste, and their expanding partnerships demonstrate the potential for global impact. By promoting the importance of environmental consciousness and responsible consumption, VYTAL is paving the way for a better future.





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