Unleashing Analytical Brilliance: 15 Cutting-Edge Analytics Companies Thriving in Tel Aviv

Discover the diverse and innovative analytics solutions transforming industries in Tel Aviv, Israel.


Tel Aviv, often referred to as the “Startup Nation,” is renowned for its vibrant tech ecosystem and innovative spirit. Among its many thriving sectors, the analytics industry stands out with its groundbreaking solutions that harness data to drive informed decision-making. In this article, we will showcase 15 exceptional analytics companies based in Tel Aviv, each revolutionizing their respective industries with advanced technologies and data-driven insights. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of analytics in Israel’s bustling city.


Revolutionizing Wearable Biopotential Signals Analytics X-trodes is a technology start-up at the forefront of wearable, wireless technology and advanced analytics of biopotential signals. Their cutting-edge solutions enable real-time monitoring and analysis of physiological data, empowering users with valuable insights for healthcare, sports, and research applications.


Transforming Pesticide Drift Analysis DriftSense offers a unique solution for collecting, analyzing, modeling, and reducing the airborne drift of pesticides and chemicals. By utilizing advanced analytics, DriftSense helps industries ensure the safe and efficient use of agrochemicals while minimizing environmental impact.


Leveraging AI for Communication Intelligence Meetr.ai is a communication intelligence platform that enables businesses to transform organizational communication into a strategic asset. By leveraging AI, Meetr.ai provides valuable insights into communication patterns, sentiment analysis, and collaboration dynamics, facilitating more effective teamwork and decision-making.

MediMe Ltd.:

Health Profiling Through AI and ML MediMe is on a mission to create a technology platform that generates comprehensive health profiles using diverse data sources, AI, and ML algorithms. By analyzing medical records, genetic information, and lifestyle data, MediMe aims to personalize healthcare and support preventive medicine.

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RAZ Finance:

Environmental, Social, and Governance Ratings Analytics RAZ Finance develops and operates an online platform that monitors environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ratings of businesses. Their analytics solutions enable investors and stakeholders to make informed decisions by evaluating companies’ sustainability practices and their alignment with ESG criteria.


Real-Time Data Storytelling for Sports Analytics HoopsAI is a data storytelling platform that creates engaging and informative news and analysis in real-time, fully autonomously. By leveraging advanced analytics and AI algorithms, HoopsAI delivers captivating sports insights, empowering fans, coaches, and analysts with accurate and timely information.


Early Insights to Reduce Employee Misbehavior eLoomina offers a powerful computer software solution that provides early insights to reduce employee misbehavior and mitigate internal risks. By analyzing employee behavior patterns and identifying potential red flags, eLoomina helps organizations maintain a healthy work environment and foster positive company culture.

CoQua Labs LTD:

Empowering Content Managers with Analytics CoQua Labs provides content managers with superpowers, enabling them to measure content success and optimize content campaigns. Their analytics solutions equip content managers with valuable data-driven insights, allowing them to create more impactful and effective content strategies.

Crystal Ball Insight:

Contextual Annotation Tools for Data Analysis Crystal Ball offers a suite of annotation tools that provide critical context to data analysis. By enabling users to annotate and contextualize data, Crystal Ball Insight enhances the accuracy and understanding of analytics, empowering businesses to make more informed decisions.

Rankset Sports Data:

Accurate Football Player Valuation and Ranking Rankset is an analytics platform and engine that analyzes and matches football player valuation, ranking, and club with high accuracy. Their advanced algorithms and data analytics provide valuable insights to football clubs, agents, and sports enthusiasts, facilitating informed decision-making in the world of football.

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Web Service for Complex Construction Information Analysis BIMbase provides a web service for the analysis of complex digital 3D construction information. By leveraging analytics, BIMbase enables architects, engineers, and construction professionals to optimize building designs, streamline processes, and improve project efficiency.


Personalized System for Diversity and Inclusion Analytics DeeDi is a software AI firm that offers a personalized system for diversity and inclusion data-driven decisions. By analyzing workforce data and diversity metrics, DeeDi empowers organizations to foster inclusive environments and make informed decisions to promote diversity and equality.

Asgard Systems:

AI and Deep Learning for Advanced Data Analysis Asgard Systems specializes in artificial intelligence, data science, analysis, and deep learning. Their expertise in advanced analytics enables businesses to extract valuable insights, identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions that drive innovation and growth.

Nevelab Technologies:

Intelligent Platform for Sustainability Management Nevelab Technologies provides an intelligent platform for sustainability management. By leveraging analytics, Nevelab Technologies enables organizations to measure, monitor, and optimize their sustainability practices, fostering environmental responsibility and corporate social responsibility.

HBM Edison:

Web Traffic Routing Management and Optimization HBM Edison is a proprietary web traffic routing management platform that provides monitoring, billing, and optimization services. Their analytics-driven approach helps businesses optimize their web traffic, enhance user experience, and improve overall website performance.


Tel Aviv’s analytics landscape is teeming with cutting-edge companies that are reshaping industries through data-driven insights. From wearable biopotential signals analytics to diversity and inclusion data analysis, these companies are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and driving innovation forward. As the analytics industry continues to thrive in Tel Aviv, we can expect even more groundbreaking solutions to emerge, revolutionizing the way businesses operate and make informed decisions in the data-driven era.

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