Unveiling Jakarta Raya’s Diverse Internet Marvels


Jakarta Raya, the bustling capital city of Indonesia, is home to a vibrant and dynamic startup ecosystem. In the heart of this digital revolution lie numerous internet companies that are reimagining industries, embracing technology, and creating transformative experiences for their users. In this article, we take a deep dive into the thriving internet landscape of Jakarta Raya, introducing 15 fascinating companies that are making waves in their respective domains.

Social Bread

Social Bread is an innovative social media management platform, providing businesses with the tools to streamline their online presence. With powerful analytics, content scheduling, and engagement tracking, Social Bread allows companies to foster a deeper connection with their audience and boost brand visibility.


As a leading Direct-to-Consumer Online Marketing and Investments Holding Company, Avatar is transforming the way brands engage with consumers in Indonesia. Through data-driven strategies, they help businesses achieve unprecedented growth and establish a strong online presence.


Rentique offers an exciting solution to fashion-conscious individuals. It is an online fashion rental platform that grants access to designer items at affordable prices, encouraging sustainable fashion choices without compromising style.


Job2GO is a digital platform connecting grey-blue collar workers with job opportunities while also providing essential education and financial access. Their holistic approach aims to uplift the workforce and create economic opportunities.


GOX stands at the forefront of Indonesia’s gaming industry, offering a vibrant gaming live streaming platform and community. It provides gamers with a platform to showcase their skills, connect with fans, and explore the vast gaming universe.

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Indochat is an internet company that emphasizes the value of meaningful connections. Through their innovative platform, users can connect with others, share ideas, and foster new friendships.


Grosenia is a game-changer for Indonesian SMEs, providing a B2B procurement platform that streamlines business operations. It aims to catalyze growth within the SME sector and fuel economic development.


HAVA.id is a pioneering B2B e-commerce platform offering full-scale e-procurement solutions and professional fulfillment services for businesses. Their comprehensive platform optimizes procurement processes, saving time and resources.


WomenWorks is a women-first recruiting platform dedicated to empowering women leaders of the future. Their services and support foster a more inclusive workplace where women can thrive and make significant contributions.


Ngobrol Games is a prominent Indonesian game news portal that provides engaging and up-to-date information on the gaming industry. From game reviews to industry news, it’s a go-to platform for all gaming enthusiasts.


Gibby is a unique social commerce firm that integrates user-posted social media content with online purchases on the same platform. It brings a personalized touch to e-commerce and enhances the shopping experience.


Jamban.id empowers sanitation entrepreneurs through its integrated platform, combining mobile apps and dashboards. It aims to drive innovation in the sanitation sector and create a cleaner, healthier environment.


Solubis is a one-stop B2B solution platform for entrepreneurs and companies looking to start and develop businesses. Their diverse services cater to various business needs, making entrepreneurship more accessible.


Labkom99 is an esteemed IT consultant, IT service provider, web developer, and digital marketing agency. They are trailblazers in delivering top-notch digital solutions to businesses in Jakarta Raya.

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As a non-profit digital infrastructure company and wireless internet service provider, Finternet plays a pivotal role in extending internet access to underserved areas. Their efforts bridge the digital divide and foster digital inclusion.


The internet companies of Jakarta Raya are a testament to the boundless possibilities that technology brings to our lives. From social media management to gaming communities and women-first recruiting platforms, these innovative companies are reshaping industries, creating jobs, and driving positive change in Indonesia. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Jakarta Raya’s internet companies will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the nation’s economy and society.

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