What Are India’s Most Influential Cryptocurrency Startups Shaping 2023 Trends?

In the realm of startups, there exists a mint-fresh sector where finance and technology form a potent blend – Cryptocurrency. In India, which has long been an IT hub, Cryptocurrency businesses have been gaining robust traction, navigating through tricky waters of global economic uncertainties. For the startup magazine StartupBubble.news, we journey across 15 interesting Cryptocurrency startups, each an innovator in its right, struggling, thriving and moulding the shape of Indian and international finance.

Against a backdrop of stringent regulatory concerns, and with the world gradually warming up to cryptocurrencies, India’s crypto startups display a vibrant mix of entrepreneurship and innovation. They range from exchanges, marketing agencies, wallets, news and media platforms, and even extend to the novelty of an anime social streaming platform with NFT marketplace or travel and tourism company powered by blockchain. With digital currency taking the centre stage in international finance, let’s explore these 15 Blockchain businesses scattered all over India that are paving the way for a financial revolution.

While different in essence, these companies bear a common thread of innovation nestling in a digital domain. They demonstrate the beauty of decentralisation, blockchain innovation, cryptocurrency, virtual currencies, and digital wallets, marking a significant stride towards financial democratisation.


Krypto, is striving to recast the crypto trading industry by making the buy/sell/send process quick, user-friendly, and exempt from risk. It’s the rising star in the cryptocurrency industry based in India.

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Mantra Coin

Mantra Coin stands out as the first Non-Profit Cryptocurrency and also boasts the quickest expanding crypto community worldwide.


SunCrypto is an exchange platform that lets users readily buy and sell cryptocurrencies, making it a vital junction for Indian crypto traders.


Dotting the intersection of Anime lovers and crypto-enthusiasts, Animick emerges as the world’s first Web 3.0 Anime Social streaming Platform with NFT Marketplace, encasing the power of Cryptocurrency.

Fast Creek Investments

Offering no website, Fast Creek Investments is a crypto business consulting and investment management firm founded in 2021 in India.


A one-stop shop for cryptocurrency and blockchain marketing, Koinpr aids businesses in navigating the swiftly-changing crypto industry landscape.


Immutly, offers a unique, future-oriented NFT marketplace boosting growth in the digital art industry and beyond.

The Crypto Times

A leading news and media company, The Crypto Times provides Crypto News, NFT News, Bitcoin News, Altcoin News, and Defi News.


As a name suggests, Kryptonium is a cryptocurrency wallet, offering secure, frictionless transactions involving digital currencies across borders.


Crypto Gabbar provides the most accurate live prices, charts, and market rates from reputable top crypto exchanges globally.


Unicas stands at the nexus of a bank and a crypto institution, offering cash against cryptocurrency, savings, and lending services for people to grow digital assets.

Bitcoin Asia

A blockchain-based travel and tourism pioneer, Bitcoin Asia is weaving future of travel bookings.


CryptoCRIT is an open-source Cryptocurrency project facilitating a Cryptocurrency wallet for making payments.


A gaming dimension on blockchain, OneTo11 has brought forth a ‘play to earn’ gaming ecosystem.

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CoinCoffee is shaping Web3 through coffee loyalty rewards powered by crypto, showing the expansive possibilities held by cryptocurrency and blockchain tech.

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