What are Japan’s Most Influential Blockchain Startups Transforming the Industry?

The world of blockchain and cryptocurrency is rapidly evolving, and one country that is becoming a beacon for blockchain innovation is Japan. In this article, we introduce you to a collection of impressive blockchain startups and companies, each contributing to the advancement of the blockchain sector in Japan. From web3 development and NFT platforms to solar power and business consulting, these companies are driving the future of blockchain. Let’s dive in.

Animoca Brands KK

Animoca Brands KK is a blockchain business that supports the global strategy of Web 3.0 for Japanese intellectual property (IP) and content holders. Founded in Japan, the firm’s central focus is on the development and deployment of blockchain solutions that facilitate the evolution of the entertainment industry.


AVACUS is a service management and innovation creation company based in Japan. The company uses blockchain technology to introduce innovative solutions and streamline processes. AVACUS aims to bridge the gap between traditional business models and high-tech blockchain solutions.


As the largest decentralized app (dApp), PancakeSwap allows users to perform decentralized finance (DeFi) token trades. The platform breaks down barriers that existed in traditional finance, enabling anyone to participate at any time.

Tamago Labs

In Fukuoka, Japan, Tamago Labs concentrates on building secure, composable NFT infrastructure, tooling and use case development. They aim to provide an innovative platform to seamlessly buy, sell, and trade NFTs.

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warashibe is a Japanese blockchain company that develops and operates blockchain-related products. The company focuses on solutions that enhance transparency, decentralization, and accessibility.

SBI R3 Japan

Offering provision of distributed ledger base platform Corda and related services, SBI R3 Japan has successfully used blockchain technology to introduce innovative financial services solutions.

Port Folder

Port Folder is a web3 company that develops applications to separate private and public posts for NFTs. They are pioneering the concept of privacy within the NFT space.

Jwat Wave

Specializing in system developments for power consumption projects, Jwat Wave uses blockchain technology to provide sustainable and efficient energy solutions.


ango is enthusiastic about the arrival of the new Internet era, focusing on solving various problems through the spread of blockchain technology.


Xylocopa is a company that specializes in business-driven blockchain, NFT, marketing management, and IP development solutions.


TKYO Labs leverages Web 3.0 and blockchain technologies to build, incubate and create new technology solutions designed to improve and evolve.


Seretan‘s platform offers casual NFT-based games with a built-in game account management portal. This portal simplifies NFT transactions, reducing barriers for entry for potential players.


Fuelhash provides solar power and mining operation using renewable energy, blockchain, and AI solution development. They strive to introduce sustainable practices within the energy industry.


Xwin uses blockchain technology for asset management and consulting services. The company hopes to bring transparency and efficiency to the realm of asset management.

Kokoroto Hinata

Kokoroto Hinata provides planning and development of biometric authentication services, such as face recognition for corporate use. The utilization of blockchain technology ensures the security and reliability of their services.

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Each of these companies are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible within the blockchain industry. As they continue to drive technological advancements, they’re setting the foundations for the next major innovations in this ever-evolving field.

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