Which are India’s Most Influential ERP Startups Transforming Businesses in 2023?

The surge of technological advancements in India has led to the rise of numerous startups focusing on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). These companies are making their mark in the tech industry by providing innovative and sophisticated solutions to optimize business operations. This piece features 15 promising ERP startups in India, each with its unique expertise, yet collectively shaping a new digital landscape in the country.

ERP systems integrate all core processes needed to run a company within a single system, including finance, HR, manufacturing, supply chain, services, procurement, and others. Developing such systems requires a deep understanding of different business areas, expertise in technology, and a innovative approach. India, with its digital capabilities and robust startup ecosystem, is at the forefront of this transformation.

Whether you’re a business owner seeking a digital solution for your enterprise operations or an investor looking for promising startups to invest in, the following ERP companies in India are worth a look.

Codeverse Technologies

Codeverse Technologies is a full-stack product company that provides SaaS CRM and ERP with IoT smart factory technology to help manufacturing companies grow faster.


PermuteHQ provides a low-code platform to build enterprise applications for digitalizing processes.

Elios Technologies

Elios Technologies is an enterprise resource planning and advanced analytics firm.


Tecxprt provides a business suite which helps businesses digitize their entire process with an affordable pricing strategy.

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Dartle is a SaaS data-driven sports opportunity platform for sports academies and players.

U-Net Solutions

U-Net Solutions provides software as a service solutions for various industries.

The Encrypts

The Encrypts is an IT and software firm providing a variety of IT solutions and services.

Thomsun InfoCare

Thomsun InfoCare is an IT consulting that offers cloud engineering, CMS, web and mobile development solutions for retail and other sectors.

ARZ Techno Labs

ARZ Techno Labs is a consultancy providing enterprise application development, quality assurance, and ERP services.

ThinkBiG Software Solutions

ThinkBiG Software Solutions is a full-stack software development and IT consulting firm.

Geetaxmi Technologies Private Limited

Geetaxmi Technologies Private Limited is an innovative solution provider in the ERP sector.

Biz Technik

Biz Technik provides cloud based ERP software solutions.

24by7 IT Solutions Pvt.Ltd

24by7 IT Solutions Pvt.Ltd is a top-notch marketing company that also offers services in ERP software solutions.

TiMAD IT Solutions

TiMAD IT Solutions designs and implements IT digital transformation solutions.

Zesht IT

Zesht IT offers Infor cloud suite ERP Syteline services and custom integration software such as web-based e-commerce platforms.

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